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Your Pebble Time Deserves A 3M Vinyl Skin

Your Pebble Time Deserves A 3M Vinyl Skin

Over all the other makes and models of smartwatches, you chose the Pebble Time to wrap around your wrist. You picked the Time because of how different it is from the other options, in both design and user experience. Status-quo just isn’t for you.

The biggest difference between the Time and other smartwatches is its e-paper display. While other smartwatch users will be struggling to read their notifications under bright lights, Time excels under the harsh glare of the sun. Transitioning effortlessly between inside and the outdoors, you’ll have no trouble reading notifications, using apps, or scrolling through your calendar wherever you are.

The Time also has an unimaginably long battery life. With up to 7 days of charge when constantly on, the Time out-performs any of its competitors. Add to that its powerful processor that’s Android and iOS compatible and water resistance up to 30 m, and you’ve chosen an almost perfect smartwatch to wear around your wrist.

The only thing it lacks is style. Other companies are taking one of two options. While some are investing in a look that mimics analogue watches of the past, others are creating sleek, ultra-modern designs worthy of the performance power of the watch. In comparison, the Time seems a little fashion backwards, as more time went into its function than a trendy design. For many, the plain, boxy look of the Time is enough, but for you – the person who shies away from the commonplace – it needs some improvements.

Pebble Time

Think improvements mean you’ll have to lay down a lot of money? That’s where you’re wrong. Stylish personalization is an affordable option when you choose vinyl wraps to cover your Time. These wraps make customizing the buttons and the inner and outer bezels of the Time incredibly easy. You can select different colours and patterns to make your Time yours, with options like carbon fibre, metallic, true colours, and wood to spruce up your smartwatch. Go online to see what these wraps look like on your Time, and be sure to use a build-a-wrap function to explore what affect different combinations will create. You may find your favourite combo with the dbrand Pebble time wraps, just one of the many providers offering unique and fashionable wraps for smartwatches. They use the best 3M vinyl material which allows them greater versatility with an unbeatable fit in the coolest designs.

The 3M vinyl also creates a protective layer between the hardware of your Time and the outside world. Risky situations and sharp objects are no match for the durable layer the wrap provides, as it absorbs the sharp points that could scratch your smartwatch. It also prevent finger oils from leaving greasy marks on the Time’s buttons and outer face – places where you’re likely to be touching a lot.

As an added bonus to personalizing your Time, you can’t argue with the protection a stylish wrap offers. Refresh your Time to look completely unique with a 3M vinyl true colour wrap, and you’ll be doing much more than standing out from the crowd. You’ll make sure your Time will last a very long time.

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