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Why study computer science?

Why study computer science?

Next we interpret this as “ why choose a career in computers ” or “ why study so that the computer has chosen a different career (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geology, engineering? electrical, civil engineering, etc.)? ‘, there are several good reasons to study computer science.

First of all, why choose a career in IT? First and attractive reason is that it gives a guaranteed job. The size of the software industry continues to grow. Even the traditionally oriented industries of products other than strictly hearsay software, looking more and more IT professionals. The reason is simple: the high-tech products have a share of more and more of software. According to Alcatel, “ 60% of the cost of a mobile phone is due to the software ‘(quoted by G. Kahn). To achieve such software, the industry needs to have good IT training both in practice IT (programming, software engineering, compilation) and basic computing (algorithms, data structures). In addition, the knowledge to produce these software follow the evolution of the complexity of these, ie they increase each year. In the near future, only computer studies will enable the efficient and economical production of the software and, therefore, the products in which they are integrated. The time has perhaps come to get rid once and for all the image of the computer from 40-60 hours per week in front of it, without seeing the light of day and without interaction with colleagues as mail e. In fact, an IT career often involves many contacts with other IT professionals, with customers or users of the final software and hardware and software vendors. These contacts are often international, giving the opportunity to travel quite regularly. Although there is room for those who prefer not to leave their screen, this is not the norm.

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Now try to answer the question “ Why study computer science when we have chosen a different career? ”. In fact, the work of a scientist or engineer includes increasing the use of specific software to its area, for example a CAD (Computer Aided Design) or software to calculate forces on a building. Often, a scientist uses software allowing it to avoid tedious calculations. Nowadays, even a mathematician uses a computer algebra system for symbolic operations such as the integration of functions or simplification of expressions. These software for scientific and engineering users are increasingly programmable, ie they enable an advanced user to add methods, calculations or features not present in the initial version of the software. Even some office software, such as spreadsheets, so are programmable. For the engineer or scientist can use this software effectively, it must have a basic computer training. In the absence of such training, it may hurt its software program, which will result in inefficiency and big waste of time. Software complexity is increasing and causes the need for computer training increasingly advanced users. Also basic computer culture allow him to interact effectively with the computer responsible for developing an application for it.

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