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Why should you hire a professional writer to create SEO friendly content

Why should you hire a professional writer to create SEO friendly content

A professional writer is somebody that writes for a living, which means all that person does during the working week is write. It is a person with at least a degree in English, and it is a person that has had sufficient experience. A good professional writer will be able to craft and create fresh and original content in a short space of time, he or she will be a fantastic at interpreting the needs of the client, he or she will have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge, and he or she will be able to engage with the reader.

Professionals Know What Is Up To Date In SEO Terms

The rules change around SEO fairly frequently. Google rules the roost and sets the SEO rules universally because it is the most popular search engine. They have to change the rules very often because people are always trying to manipulate their system–so they have to keep updating their search engine and changing the rules. A good professional writer will remain up to date with the most recent SEO changes so that they may be applied to his or her work.

Professional Writers Know The Correct Vocabulary Ratio

The truth is that you have to be very careful when dealing with amounts of words. There are no longer any set rules on the number of words you can repeat because keyword spamming rules no longer exist, but it is still dangerously close to a grey-hat SEO area, so clients do not like spammed keywords (after all, the rules could revert any day and punish websites with spammed keywords).

A professional writer will be able to construct articles without having the same word repeated. For example, an article about horse race betting may repeatedly use the word “bet”, but a professional writer will change a few of those uses to “stake”, “wager”, and “gamble.” This mix of vocabulary helps reduce the chances of future word spamming penalties.

Professional Writers Are Able To Engage With Your Reader

The best essay writing services are able to create content that engages the reader, even if the reader is only a person marking a few essays. A good essay service rated on Essayholic.com and a professional writer have a lot in common because they are both able to use words to engage with a reader and sculpt the desired response.

Professional Writers Can Tie A Theme To Your SEO Message

There is no need to rely on keywords anymore because most content is judged on its theme and topic, and a good writer will be able to tie your content to a theme. Even if the theme of your desired work is erratic, a good writer will be able to transition from one theme to another and from one topic to another without damaging the overall arc of the article. Professional writers can do things for your SEO that amateur writers simply do not think of. There is a delicate art and science to winning over a search engine with your content, and most people simply do not have the gift.

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