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Why it’s important to use professional call handling

Why it’s important to use professional call handling

Up until the turn of the century, telephone answering was usually in house, an internal department responsible for all contact management. Internet development has allowed for outsourcing, mainly to English speaking, Asian countries like India. This would involve hiring a company in a different location, with their own premises, who would take over the responsibility of the now redundant, in house department.

Broadly speaking, call management fall under the umbrella of the contact centre management industry, under which all customer contact is managed. This will include both incoming telephone calls, usually from consumers requesting product support, and outgoing calls by telemarketing firms, market research teams, and political or charitable donations, to name but a few.

A business solution for all

Large corporations invariably have to deal with a high volume of calls, so it comes as no surprise to know that most have been using call handling for a while now. The advantages are evident at macro level, yet businesses of all sizes can benefit, even the small, startup enterprise. With cost being a major factor, a small business can have all enquires answered in a professional manner, at a reasonable cost.

Here are a few of the benefits of using telephone answering services,

  • Significant operational cost saving
  • Large volume call capacity
  • Round the clock service
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Improved customer relations

Promoting business efficiency

Research has shown that outsourcing calls often leads to an increase in revenue, as staff are not burdened with dealing with incoming calls, and are therefore able to fully focus on productivity. This general increase in efficiency has knock on effects click here in other important areas, like sales, production and maintenance. Another major plus is the significant savings that can be made in operational costs by outsourcing, as well as reduced workforce needs.

The growth of the contact management industry has seen the need for flexibility, allowing clients to select a package that is perfectly suited to their needs.

Seasonal fluctuation

There are many businesses that only have high volumes of incoming calls at certain times of the year, especially Christmas and other annual festivals. The firm may only require the services of a call handler during these busy periods, when they will be responsible for any overflow.

Time is of the essence

In this fast paced global community, 24/7, real time worldwide support enables faster solutions, thus improving business continuity. Using Internet based communication, email, faxes and social media can be integrated, which dramatically speeds things up. Many international corporations involved in the retail market have confirmed a considerable rise in customer satisfaction, mainly due to the speed of communication that is managed by the call handler.

Cost effective

A large organisation will provide total or partial solutions for multiple clients, which means they can offer attractive prices that are affordable to everyone. In today’s economic environment, cost effectiveness is regarded as a primary factor of the successful business and outsourcing improves revenue while decreasing expenditure. This is the reason why so many organisations have turned to the professionals for a solution.

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