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What to do before your smartphone is lost or stolen?

Be Prepared! If you happen to lose or you fly your Android phone or tablet, do not despair.

Choose an application created for phones and Android tablets which can do following for you

  1. Locate your device on a map: locate your device remotely via your GPS, Wi-Fi or your mobile network.
  2. Lock your device remotely: lock your device remotely to prevent access to your personal data and your settings.
  3. Enable a remote alarm: activate a very loud alarm and customizable, the volume only increases if the thief tries to make it silent.
  1. Take a thief picture: take a picture of anyone who tried to unlock your phone after three unsuccessful attempts.
  2. Retrieve data from your phone remotely: you can retrieve your historical distance calls, SMS and other personal information.


Here are names of 5 Apps for you

  1. Where’s My Droid Free to download; Pro: $2.99/mth
  2. Plan B Free

3.      Android   ( Lost Free Free)

4.      SeekDroid (Lite Free to download; (Pro: $2.99/mth)

5.      AntiDroidTheft ( Free)

6.      Cerberus   (Free; Pro: 2.99 euros)

7.      Prey Anti-Theft (Free)

8.      Find My Phone ($0.99)

9.      Lookout Security & Antivirus Free; Premium( $2.99/month)

10.  McAfee Antivirus & Security Free to download( $30 a year to keep)

11.  Kaspersky Mobile Security( $4.95)

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