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What makes a website Redesign? 3 Mistakes to Avoid

What makes a website Redesign? 3 Mistakes to Avoid

From time to time, all sites need a revival, and the reasons for the redesign of a website are many. Whether the change of branding, the transition to a new content management system (CMS), poor performance results or a site that seems straight out of the 1990s (ouch !), so an overhaul is in order!

By cons, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past, nor to overhaul only for aesthetic reasons. To guide you in redesigning your web site, we present here the mistakes that you should avoid in the process.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid in redesigning your next website:

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1- Rushing without purpose in mind

An overhaul generally requires time and investment. In addition, it will be important for you to get started in this process after you have properly set measurable goals. Too often, companies do a redesign just because “the last was a few years.” This is not really a good reason! In order to properly determine whether the redesign is really ,what your website needs, start by measuring the performance of your current site: note the visits, page views, bounce rate, etc.

With these measures in hand, you can set new goals for your next website. Ask yourself the following questions before making redesigning your website:

  • Want to increase traffic to your website?
  • Would you like to generate more leads through your website? How Much? How soon?
  • Do you want to convert more prospects into customers? How Much? How soon?

By setting SMART goals, you will know the return on investment in the redesign.

  1. Evaluate only the visual appearance of the website

This is a great idea to update the design of your website so that more represents your company today. By cons, do not forget that your current site, despite not look that are right for you, surely good elements and still relevant content. Take the time to note the sections of your site to be preserved in the new version and which to delete. Do the still relevant content list that well converts visitors into customers or the one positioned on search engines. Be sure to keep these assets in your new site!

3- Do not think about your personae

An overhaul, it’s always exciting. This is one of a new design, improved ergonomics adapted to the changing behavior of users, etc. By cons, always focus efforts based on the persona . After all, your website must appeal to your target audiences. That said, be sure to use language, images and structure that will suit personas. Keep the essence of your brand and the elements that differentiate you from the competition, it’s important. Finally, do not forget to create content that challenges your personas.

4- Clutter content

Stand out online; it is also be available in the search engines. Remember to optimize your website according to your persona, but also their research; they have to find you on Google and the other search engines. Take time to think about your strategy, your keywords and your positioning. You will have everything to gain if your goal is to improve your SEO  positioning!

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