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What language learning at age 15?

What language learning at age 15?

It is difficult question to answer, which language should learn at the age of 15 if your kid is interested in computer science. Many people get confused and go for wrong way here I am giving a suggestion.

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    I think Python is a good choice for several reasons:

  • First, it is easy to learn;
  • then the language syntax requires properly present his code, which can only be beneficial (and following PEP 8 is perfect);
  • Python has a very large number of libraries and can do anything with what already exists: the web (such as PHP, the better), conventional programs, network, all kinds of scripts (such as Batch or Bash), etc. ;
  • unlike .NET languages, Python runs everywhere (subject to having installed the interpreter);
  • Python interpreter is free and does not depend on a company (unlike Java with Oracle);
  • It is object-oriented, feature mentioned by my upstairs neighbors.
  • It comes with an open and active community.
  • Documentation (the language, the standard library and its C API) is ultra-comprehensive and interesting to read since it is not just a reference book but a TRUE documentation.
  • And on top of that, it is well indexed by Google, so that any search for “Python [term (in English)]” refers 3/4 of the time to the most relevant page on the front page result.
  • There are examples of scripts every street corner, literally.

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