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Web help desks on the cloud

Web help desks on the cloud

New tech makes it easier than ever

Ready for a Cost-Saving IT Solution for Your Business? Web Help Desks on the Cloud Make It Easier Than Ever

As a growing business, the bottom line always counts. If you’re a CEO of a company or the manager in charge of a budget, it’s important to keep your eye on the dollars going in and out of your business. In 2016, economic advisers suggest that the U.S. workforce is being outsource with quality workers more than ever before – and that’s an interesting trend for companies that still need expert staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the business. One key outsourced area is in technology. As freelancers increase and business needs continue, web help desks using Cloud technology are becoming more popular – and more efficient—solutions for navigating IT in a company. If you’re looking for a quality cost-saving measure for your business or even an non-profit organization, then a web help desk that uses Cloud technology may be a beneficial option for you. Read our guide detailing the benefits you can expect from your web help desk and start experiencing a more streamlined approach to IT support:

Tip #1: Why Cloud Technology?

Everyone is talking about the Cloud it seems — but what is this mysterious, ethereal technology. Basically the Cloud is a system that has the ability to store all of your information until infinity. That means that a backup of your entire IT system — and all the issues that it has from now and into the future — can be stored on what essentially is a really big hard drive hosted offsite from your company. So whatever may happen to your system — it remains stable and repairable because there always is a backup.

Tip #2: Why a Web Help Desk?

As outsourcing becomes more common, a web help desk makes sense. But it also makes sense to your budget. If you can have access to an entire staff of IT experts in the moments it takes to log into your dashboard or start an online chat — then why not? You can get expert advice in real-time, so no waiting and less of a lull in productivity. It doesn’t work for every company, but it can work for many that are looking for a more efficient and streamlined way to communicate and solve IT issues in the office.

Tip #3: Helping the Lone Web Specialist

Perhaps your company is quite ready to completely outsource your IT support. Perhaps you have a single IT specialist that simply needs help managing all of your IT support needs. This is where a web help desk can work alongside one of your employees to create a more efficient work flow. Web help desks with Cloud technology work on a software that has an automated ticketing feature. So when someone logs into the software and submits a ticket, it immediately is sent to an web help desk specialist. This system could be set up so that all of the tickets your in-house IT specialist cannot get to at the moment can be diverted to the web help desk. Everyone then is working quickly in the service of the organization to get it back again.

With so many issues that can arise from technology mishaps and computers that aren’t feeling temperamental, it pays to have a great IT support staff that can mitigate the problems and help you stay on task. But that doesn’t mean your IT team has to be in house. Some small companies can afford to employ only one IT support specialist. But with a web help desk that uses Cloud technology, even small companies can have access to an entire team of web specialists. When time and money matter, that’s what you really want. You want a team of experts that can address your IT problems quickly and in real-time. You want knowledge people who know your computer system and can troubleshoot it with ease. With a web help desk, you’ll get that kind of attention and problem-solving for less cost than employing IT support specialists at your company. It’s something to consider for the new year!

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