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How to use Unlock iCloud Tool for unlocking iCloud devices

Many users of iPhone encounter the problem of having ICloud locked accounts. It is not strange that this happens so often as it is very easy to lock the device but very hard to unlock it. Locking may be caused simply by forgetting or entering wrong password or ID, but the unlocking is a real process. Apple’s official stores can help you with this issue, but this kind of solving the problem is not cheap and it takes a lot of time. And many users who have bought used phone are not able to provide the correct credentials. That’s why an alternative solution is necessary. And this kind of solution is discovered and developed and what is most important it is free.

Follow the instructions for using Unlock iCloud service

The Unlock iCloud we offer on our page works for all models of iPhones, as well as for iPad and iPod touch. What is most important is that you can download and use this tool for free, you won’t be required about any personal data and we quarantee that there are not any hidden costs in the whole process. On this pagewe provide the links from where you can download it.

We have lots of satisfied customers so far who can confirm that our tool is completely safe and legal.

Download the Unlock iCloud tool for free

You can be sure that after downloading the tool from our links, the unlocking of your device will be done easily and simply. Even those who don’t have some special computer knowledge or some other skills, will manage to finish the process successfully if they follow the instructions carefully. All you need to know is the IMEI code of your device. The rest of the process runs automatically.

This is the step by step procedure:

  1. The process starts by downloading and installing the tool on your PC
  2. Then you should connect the PC with the device
  3. Select which model of iPhone you are using
  4. Now you will be asked to add the IMEI code
  5. Then you should enter your iPhone into DFU mode
  6. The tool will automatically reboot your phone
  7. After the completing of the unlocking process, you will have to add new ID and password

So don’t wait and download the latest version of the Unlock iCloud immediately.

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