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Use the Latest Software Testing Tools

Use the Latest Software Testing Tools

The latest software testing tools provide a comprehensive solution to organize a test case, execute the tests efficiently, collect results and coordinate the functional testing effort among all the members of the QA team. A good quality software testing tool should have a smooth user interface which will make its use easier for the consumers. And, it should be efficient enough so that the testers can maintain the right amount of optimum right from the start to the end of the test.

Nowadays, you know that if you own a company where you have multiple systems functioning at the same point in time then your machine is simply not just a machine. It is an entire experience in itself for that particular moment and if it breaks down then your entire workflow will come to a standstill. So, there is a definite need for software testing by all the companies in recent times and the automation tools for software testing are continuously being upgraded to meet the rising demands. Some of the top software testing tools are discussed below.

  1. Selenium: This test framework performs testing of web applications across various browsers and platforms like Mac, Linux and Windows. The Selenium assists the testers in writing tests in multiple programming languages like C#, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl and Groovy. It also gives the option of recording and playback features where you can write tests without knowing Selenium IDE. It is one of the best software testing tools and is highly in demand.
  2. TestingWhiz: This is a test automation tool which provides a complete package for all sorts of testing solutions ranging from web testing, API testing, software testing, mobile app testing, database testing to cross-browser testing including automation, optimization and maintenance. It can also be used for risk-based testing and can be integrated with bug tracking tools like Mantis, FogBugz and Jira. It has an objective eye internal recorder and can record and playback test automated framework.
  3. HPE Unified Functional Testing: Formerly known as HP QuickTest Professional, this tool provides regression and functional for various software applications. It integrates with Mercury Quality Center and Mercury Business Process Testing and is also proficient in error handling mechanism. It creates parameters for checkpoints, objects and data-driven tables and also has the feature of automated documentation.
  4. TestComplete: This testing platform provides services for mobile applications, desktop and web applications. It integrates GUI testing feature and supports scripting language like Python, JavaScript, J Script, Delphi Script, C++ Script, VB Script and C# Script. This tool records the test and also has playback feature.
  5. Ranorex: Ranorex Studio offers multiple testing tools which cover the testing of mobile, web and desktop applications. It has GUI recognition and also supports record and playback features. It reuses test codes and can also help in detecting bugs. It also integrates with various other tools and is one of the top testing tools.
  6. Watir: This is an open source test tool made of Ruby libraries to support testing of web application. It can test any language-based web application including cross-browser testing and is compatible with RSpec, Test/Unit and Cucumber tools.

Some other tools are Tosca Testsuite, Telerik TestStudio and WatiN.

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