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Use Internet Explorer… Tips

Use Internet Explorer… Tips

 Enlarge the address bar

You work with a window cut and you cannot completely see the address of the site you are? You can easily expand the Address bar.

  • Move the mouse cursor to the right of the Address field.The pointer changes to a double arrow.
  • Click and while holding down the left mouse button,drag to the right.The address bar is enlarged.
    If you open a lot of tabs, you may be limited in Click the right mouse button on an open tab and choose Show tabs on a separate line.
  • The Address field is now only on its line  held in full while the tabs are displayed below.


Remove the search field in new tabs – Internet Explorer 11

An update for Internet Explorer 11 has recently added a Bing search field to new tabs that you open. If this field of mind, there is only an empty box that redirects to the address bar, you can disable it … by changing the default search engine.

  • The search field is related to the Bing engine offered by default in Internet Explorer, simply change the search engine used to remove it.
  • In Internet Explorer, click the small arrow to the right of the address bar, and then click Add.
  • On the page that appears, choose a search engine to replace Bing, Google for example.
    Click Add to Internet Explorer.
  • In the window that opens, check Make this my default search engine and click Add.
    Now when you open a new blank tab, only the list of frequently visited sites is displayed. The search field has disappeared.
  • To start your search, simply enter them directly into the address bar.

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