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Types of electric heaters for the home and introduction to electric domestic heaters

Types of electric heaters for the home and introduction to electric domestic heaters

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Basic considerations that you should keep in mind when purchasing an electric heater

In this winter season, the low temperatures recorded have surely made you consider buying a Orpat room heater  (or also called electric heater) for your home. If so, we give you a quick guide on these unique devices to make the right decision:

Commercial heaters have the capacity to heat small (2.7 x 2.7 meters) and medium (3.5 x 3.5 meters) rooms. It is very important that you consider the area or volume that you want to heat.

Location: It is important to know where you are going to place it and if there is good ventilation. Its location must allow a more rapid distribution of heat over the room.

Avoid accidents: It is important that hot air does not directly reach people in the room. Likewise, it should be placed away from children or pets that may touch it by mistake.

The size of the heater does not indicate its heating capacity. There are some very small that can heat without problem a medium room.

Type of heating: There are three types that are most used: 1) Forced convection – Through a fan air is passed through an electrical resistance (ceramic, wire or quartz) to heat it. 2) By radiation – the heat is dissipated through a metal plate or a ceramic panel. 3) Gas – For their operation they occupy natural gas or LP They are those that have more risk of accidents.

There are several forms of heaters, the most common are: 1) Tower type, Similar to a cylinder with a rectangular air outlet. 2)  Panel, They are rectangular and very flat, one of their faces radiates heat. 3)  Mini. They present very varied forms with the characteristic of being very small, no larger than 30 cm wide x 30 cm long x 20 cm high.

Remember that these devices consume a large amount of energy, so you should try to use them only when strictly necessary and not leave it on when it is not occupied or for long periods of time.

It is preferable to choose a model with timer and thus save energy, because if it is not programmed to turn off when it reaches the ideal temperature, the team can heat the environment more than necessary.

Some models can have remote control, which will allow you, comfortably, to lower the heating temperature, activate or deactivate the oscillation on its axis; turn it off, among others.

Once you buy your electric heater, do not leave the store without being stamped and dated. The sealed policy and the product are essential for it to be effective.

Whatever your purchase decision, do not forget that the main objective of the heaters is to achieve a warmer environment in your home, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

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