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Top Apps to Better Multitask at Business and Increase Work Efficiency

Top Apps to Better Multitask at Business and Increase Work Efficiency

Business these days is tricky- you have a host of clients to handle, thousands of phone calls to attend, meetings to remember, presentations to make and documents to send. In all this confusion, it comes as a mighty relief that your smartphone can go great lengths to better optimize your work desk and handle deadlines and meetings much better.

Download these top applications for businessmen and entrepreneurs to help you better multitask and manage business so you’re never left stressed with the work pressure:

Office Suit 8+

This is one of the most frequently downloaded apps on the Google Play and for good reason. The Office suit comes loaded with goodies to help you in everyday multitasking. Easily edit and view MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files on the go with just a few taps on your smartphones. Even when you’re out of town, you can easily view important documents and send them as attachments so business doesn’t come to a standstill. Easily convert files to PDF format for better accessibility and similarly you can convert PDF files to Word or Excel format as well. This truly is an app that lets you work nonstop without worry!

WPS Office

The WPS Office is another great app that helps your business run uninterrupted as it helps you create documents which are compatible with MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint and allows you to edit them on the go as well. You can easily work with spreadsheets and presentations on all android smartphones and tablets and if you’re planning on buying one you can grab a great smartphone or tablet using flipkart coupons at great prices. You can easily save your documents on the cloud as well as upload and share them on DropBox. The files are also compatible with Bluetooth keyboards and wireless mouse making them extremely easy to work with!

Fast Scanner

Many a time it can be annoying when you want to share important documents with colleagues but can’t find a scanner in sight and you have to run down two blocks across the hall to find one. Through Fast Scanner you can easily scan multiple documents and important pages, receipts, invoices, business cards and much more through the camera in your phone. You can easily convert these files as PDF or JPEG files and email or print them at the tap of a button. This is another universal app fit to run on variety of tablets or devices and you can always buy yourself a brand new smartphone using amazon coupons to get amazing efficiency through apps like Fast Scanner.

App Lock

App lock is one of the most needed apps for those who carry large chunks of files and data on their phone. App Lock helps you lock important contacts, documents, images, emails, calls by setting a pattern password or a numeric password. This comes in handy when you hand over your phone to younger ones who might accidentally delete something important or if you want to keep certain business data confidential. Never have to worry about confidential information falling in wrong hands.

Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable eliminates the need to carry a data cable for you to connect various devices at once. Through this app, you can connect your PC, mobile, tablet and any other device for them to work as one unit and transfer data wirelessly. You can send photos, videos, apps between various devices and forget having to carry data cables with you. It also helps you expand your mobile data storage and manage data in a much more cohesive manner.

Download these amazing and crucial apps that help you work seamlessly and efficiently so that you can multitask at the tap of a button and leave all your worries!

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