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Tips to avoid the negative effects of the waves from mobile phones

Here is a list of some tips for using the mobile phone to reduce health risks:


  • Turn off his cell the night, do not leave your phone switched on or being charged less than 50cm from your head.
  • Time to join your party, the time between the end of dialing and the first ring away from you mobile.
  • Do not call while moving, on foot, by car, bus, subway or streetcar, subway, train, bicycle, etc.
  • Not moving while you have a call on your mobile phone.
  • Do not call car even stopped, this also applies to any metal structure, an effect called Faraday cage (used for microwave ovens) imprisons and reflected waves from cell phone radiation is the maximum height of the head in a car.
  • Use classic Pedestrian Kit (Kit hands free wired) to keep mobile phones away from your brain time to your calls.
  • Do not keep your phone in your pants pocket.
  • Avoid keeping his mobile phone near the genitals, heart, armpits and hips.
  • Prohibit the use of mobile phones to children under 15 years and pregnant women.
  • For children under 15 years, growth makes them more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation of mobile. For pregnant women, water from the placenta and embryo cells are very sensitive to the energy emitted from mobile phone.
  • Limit the duration and number of calls, try to space out your calls.
  • Do not use your mobile phone as an alarm clock

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