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Tips for Cleaning Computer Peripherals and Components

Tips for Cleaning Computer Peripherals and Components

If you spend a lot of time on your computer at home, you should take into consideration adequate maintenance and cleaning service, if you want to ensure that the device functions properly. Cleaning the components and periphery of the computer is an important task, which you should not neglect.

How often you need to take such cleaning service into account depends on a number of factors: whether you smoke near the computer, whether you have pets in your home, whether you are regular at home and carpet cleaning in the room with the computer and more. A thorough cleaning every 6-8 months should be enough for optimal care.

Here are some specifics you can consider when it comes to cleaning peripherals and components of your home PC:

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  • Case – you should clean the computer case, not only to keep it looking fresh and good, but also to assure airflow inside. You want sufficient cooling of the components inside. Get a lint-free cloth to wipe the case and see if there are any stains that need special cleaning service. Use your vacuum cleaner if you notice there is dust near the holes and other crevices of the case, in order to remove the dust around these areas.
  • Disc drive – if you get errors when you try to read discs, perhaps you should consider cleaning the disc drive. One of the best solutions for this task is getting a specialised CD-ROM cleaner as the most efficient way of cleaning this part of your computer.
  • CDs and DVDs – while you may not have considered this before, it is true that you should clean discs by using slightly damp cloth. Work from the center of the disc to the outer end, and never wipe with the tracks.
  • Monitor – you want to keep your monitor clean at all times, because too much dust and fingerprints can obstruct your vision and make it hard to see what is on it. LCD displays should be cleaned without any liquids, as this can damage the monitor. Instead, you should use a microfiber or cotton cloth with some rubbing alcohol to wipe any spoils and dust.
  • Keyboard – as one of the dirtiest components of your computer, the keyboard should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. To deal with any dust and spoils located under the keys, you can use compressed air, which blows away any debris and dust stuck under the keys. Using a vacuum cleaner is an even better solution, but you have to be really careful not to lose any keys. When that is done with, you should use a disinfectant and wipe the whole keyboard surface, as spoils and dust stick there as well. If you want to be most efficient in your cleaning service, you should consider opening the keyboard and cleaning under the keys, as it is easy for that area to accumulate spoils.

Cleaning your computer components and peripherals is an important task that you should pay regular attention to. Cleaners Up Ltd.

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