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Things to Avoid When Choosing a Good Domain Name

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Good Domain Name

Choosing a domain name and checking domain name availability is the most important task when building your brand. Because the name is the first point to be analyzed by customers, then it is one of the decisive factors in the success of your brand.

What to avoid

Some items you can avoid in your domain name:

  • Traits and numbers. These characters are difficult to type and can detract from understanding and writing your domain.
  • Avoid funny expressions or complicated words.
  • Spelling errors. It puts an end to your company’s reputation, in addition to generating a lack of trust, it may also seem like a phishing or malware domain.
  • Do not use other brand names.


  • Short, simple and practical;
  • Easy to type;
  • It represents your brand;
  • Memorable.


  • Numbers and symbols;
  • Long names;
  • Misuse of copyrights.

The appropriate name determines the user’s interest in visiting your site. A name identifying the thread can change the behavior of the user. В» view page of domain name generator and register your domain right now!

To facilitate this choice, here are some tips for choosing a killer domain name in a good way.

Creating a good domain name

Be simple

There are some goals when it comes to link and domain name, you need people to remember your brand and access it easily. Try to use words or names that are not complicated, but easy to remember.

Be brief

Less is more, short names are easy to remember, try to use one or two words, example: Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe … Short names, quick and easy to pronounce worldwide, consequently will be easier to remember and search.


In addition to improving search engine rankings, your business keyword in the domain name can help users by identifying what you do and your segment.


Obviously, try to use the domain name the same name as your brand.

Choosing a domain can be time consuming, but this happens when your business is not planning. If you have a name, an identity, a defined segment, the domain name becomes a quick and simple process.

TLD Domains

You should already know the “.com”, or “.net” domains, for example. These domain extensions are known as ccTLDs. Now there is another variety, with “.coffee” and “.bar” extensions, for example. Check out the complete list of domains offered.

Generic Top Domain, these domains include several categories, such as .academy, .bar, .bike or .cloud.

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