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The Top 5 Free Cloud CRM Software Providers Revealed

The Top 5 Free Cloud CRM Software Providers Revealed

When it comes to finding the top cloud CRM software services the list can be quite long. Picking which of the cloud CRM services on that list are also worth it can make it much shorter. We’ve identified the top small business CRM services that are free and cloud hosted. The list is short and all of these options offer paid upgrades when you exceed their free limits.

The 5 Best CRM Software Small Business Free Services

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Capsule – Capsule gets a lot of mention as one of the best CRM software services for a reason. This is a basic and no bones CRM service that provides for storage and access that are well suited to a small or starter business. It even has an affordable upgrade fee. The only drawback is that it may not have the functionality you need once you reach a small to medium-size entity. If that won’t happen for a few years, the cost savings can make Capsule worth it.

ReadyCloud CRM

If you’re one of the 2 billion people who sell products online and you’re serious about making it a passive income for your family, you’ll want to consider adding one more piece of software to your list to make things easier: an ecommerce CRM software solution. Services like ReadyCloud connect to all your sales channels, creating instant contacts from ecommerce order activity. Other features, like notes, color-calendar and to-dos, keep you on top of your day. This software also comes with premium add-ons, like shipping software and automated returns software for all your ecommerce needs.

FreeCRM – FreeCRM is one of the best choices for CRM software for small businesses who can host their own cloud service. No free storage is included and there is no support. It is an open source project, so finding support materials and add-ons is relatively easy. It comes built to handle up to 100,000 contacts and 100 users. The upgrade cost for users is doable, especially if you have passed the 100 mark already.

SuiteCRM – This is one of the best CRM software services that is truly and honestly free. It offers unlimited users, contacts, support and more – all for free. You can add additional users for $10 a month. Why would you pay to add users when you can add them for free? Simple, paying removes ads and allows for branding.

Salesbox – Salesbox really restricts their definition of CRM to online sales only, which has made it the best CRM software for small business that’s free when that business involves retail items. There are only two users allowed, but unlimited contacts and storage. Each additional user is set at $19 per month cost.

Bitrix24 – Bitrix24 makes the list although it is lacking some of the fundamental services you would want from small business CRM in the cloud. For one, its free user cap is set at 12, it only offers 5G of storage and their free version has no live support. The upgrade rate is also set at $25 per user for an additional 12 users before the cost rises higher. So why is it on the list? The Bitrix24 system is well reviewed by users who found it a much cheaper small business CRM solution for users from 12 to 25 persons. The free version is ideal for entrepreneurs who only really need a small amount of storage and access permissions. When you need to grow, this is one of the best to grow with.

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