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The all in one wallet

The all in one wallet

Gone are the days when wallet was meant to carry just paper currency note, loose change, some important receipts and the likes.  Yes, even a cute stamp size photo of the entire happy family for a married man and that of present love for a fun loving bachelor used to adorn the inner fold of the wallet.   The wallet of today does not hold the stamp size photo anymore. The mobile gadget owned by everyone today is where pictures of such fond people are stuck at. The mobile is stuck in the wallet. That is indeed a wonder to see. Another major change that is seen in wallets of today is that paper currency forms a miniscule part of the total content list of the wallet.  There are credit and debit cards who have replaced the paper currency in the wallets. The note sleeve wallet by bellroy is just that wallet which has been designed wit these changed utility of the wallet in view.

Design and décor

The mobile gadgets themselves have turned out to be slim in dimensions. Paper thin as the saying goes is something that costs eons more than the conventional flat sized mobile. The plastic cards that have replaced paper currency have two issues to be looked at when desiring the wallets that they would be kept in. the first being the cards must not get scratched. Scratch effects at some critical places would also turn the card unusable. People would have to go back to the bank and undertake some formalities before a fresh card is given and that too after receiving confirmation that the old card would never be used.

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Ease of access

Another important feature to be looked at is the ease with which the cards can be taken out for use slipped back and also at times just displayed. Much like the flipping action we see the FBI agents enacting in the films to show their badge and identification.

The Note sleeve wallet by bellroy

This particular wallet caters for all these issues explained above. The place holder for the mobile gadget is also very firm and logically placed. The cards also can be slipped into their slots easily. With place, even for additional cards in the inner flap of the wallet. Add to all the fact that the material from which this wallet has been manufactured gives it a touch of exquisite finesse.

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