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The Advantages of Purchasing Custom Built Computers

The Advantages of Purchasing Custom Built Computers

Having a computer custom built to your specifications used to be cost prohibitive. However, the cost of computer parts have come down and are readily available, making it almost as inexpensive to have a company customize computers for your business as it is to buy them from a retail computer store. There are several advantages to having computers customized for your business.

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Better Parts

When you have computers customized, the parts are generally of a higher quality. If you are knowledgeable about computers, you can request the technician use a certain brand of parts known for their quality. The price for many brand name systems have fallen, but part of that is due to those companies building their computers with cheap parts. Buying better quality parts will help your systems last longer.

Better Support

When you purchase computers from a retail store, you usually need to buy extended warranties to have work done after the manufacturer’s warranties have expired. With custom built systems, you will often get better support from the company that built them because they are putting their reputation on the line. For smaller businesses like Chill Blast, an unhappy customer can have an adverse effect on their business, which can be very costly for their company.

Easier Upgrades

Custom built systems are easier to upgrade or repair than brand name computers because they use standard, instead of manufacturer specific, parts. Standard parts are also less expensive than parts for brand name computers, so repairs on custom systems are usually less expensive. It is often less expensive to buy a new system than it is to repair a brand name computer. However, buying a new system could mean losing important data and it can be inconvenient for the employee who must wait for a new computer to do their work

Built to Your Needs

Buying customized computers allows you to specify exactly what your business needs in a computer system. If the work your company does requires some of the systems to be more high-powered than others, you can have them built for each department according to their specific needs. Brand name systems come out of the box as they are and ordering a custom system from a well-known manufacturer is very expensive and it take several weeks for you to receive your computer.

Customize Laptops

It used to be almost impossible to buy a customized laptop. Few companies made the parts necessary to create a custom laptop. Now, it is very easy to find companies to custom build laptops for your business as the parts are easier to find and install. This allows you more options for your company since you can now choose between laptops or desktops for your business or buy a combination of both.

With better support and costs almost equal to that of brand name systems out of the box, small businesses can purchase customized computers for their specific needs. This allows them to get the functionality and power needed on a day-to-day basis.

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