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The 4 big social media trends for 2015

The 4 big social media trends for 2015

After a 2014 year full of new social media, what are the trends for 2015? Mobility, sponsoring, applications … Social networks are evolving quickly and it is sometimes difficult to anticipate innovations.

There are only five years, introduced the Facebook “like” button. This simple feature would become one of the standards of social networks meters pervading all other platforms, including BtoB with Linkedin and Viadeo .

Since then, the landscape has changed. A recent study by Hootsuite, publisher of the famous social networking management tool indicates that more than 1.7 billion people worldwide use at least one social platform. Every 60 seconds, more than 2.46 million publications that are made on Facebook. As for BtoB social networks, they are not left behind. LinkedIn now has 187 million active users and two new members join the platform every second. This success is a real opportunity for business, but it requires them to be constantly on standby.
The acceleration of mobility

social media trends for 2015

With two French with a smartphone and 79% of them via their mobile browsing daily thinking strategies based on these new uses is no longer an option. Traffic on your website or on your blog comes increasingly mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones. In addition to being designed with responsive design , your site will be designed and optimized primarily for consultation on these devices. It will be the same for your content. Shorter, more direct, more recurrent, they will have to adapt to a constantly connected to the hearing, but less attention.
Sponsorship budgets increasingly necessary

Time free platforms is over. To reach a wide audience on Linkedin or Facebook it is necessary, for some time, put their hands in the pocket. And this trend continues growing, as evidenced by the decline in reach on Facebook . Now all communications budget on networks should include a sponsorship line.

And if, BtoC, this trend is well integrated, it is less BtoB where some makers do not see the point. Yet on a network such as the Publications Linkedin promotion system allows precise targeting of different profiles to only a few hundred euros. An effective way to reach the right person at the right time.
The end of Google +?

It was designed to compete with the historical giants such as Facebook and Twitter and even had experienced tremendous growth in its number of users. Yet it is clear, the end of 2014, the search giant’s network of lead in the wing. For some observers, several clues would point to a gradual withdrawal of Google. The start of the project creator, Vic Gundotra, the failure to show the Google Authorship in the search engine (profile display of copyright content on search results pages), the end of automatic links Gmail and YouTube … all signs of an approaching end?
More anonymity and less advertising

The ubiquity of social networks “mainstream” has not made everyone happy. Some netizens even decide to remove their Twitter or Facebook account. Their reason? Excessive publicity and want to find a certain anonymity online. And with the emergence of these needs, applications exist!

Established in March 2014, “Ello” is an alternative social network that promises its users never to sell their data to companies and never broadcast advertising. In addition, users can maintain relative anonymity as to register, just an email address and a username changed at any time.

Another star of anonymity, “Secret” an application that allows users to share completely anonymous messages. This social network, appeared in 2014, is the first where mobile users do not have a profile page.

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