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Technics C700 an Electronic Hub Of Electronic Product

Technics C700 an Electronic Hub Of Electronic Product

Technics is a branded company of electronic products under the name of Panasonic Corporation. It includes many products like cd players, speakers, amplifiers, tape decks etc. In 2002 most of the homeproducts were rebranded as Panasonic excluding Japan and some USSR places. Some of the items like Micro Hi – Fi Systems, Electronic pianos and are still being sold in USA &Europe.  In 2014 on September 3rd, it was announced by Panasonic that Technic brand is coming back and brings wonders in the mind of people.

Technics c700


The brand name for the premium loud speakers was domestically marketed by Matsushita in 1965. By the early 1980s there came the end of Technics by offering wide range of equipment’s. The name Technics was retired by the early 2000. In the year 2014, Technics announced the new name Technics c700 which created the brainstorming session for the people who were wondering its features. This is the hi-fi system available to the people in the field of electronic system. This article explains whether it is worth or not in investing the money on the product or not. The various features of Technics c700 is as follows:

Features of Technics c700

  • Accurate & Right time of Relaunch
  • Audio systems with high resolution.
  • Best example of Hi- fi luxe in rating list.
  • Hi- fi brand loved for its turntables & silvery separates.
  • First branded Hi- FI system.
  • Superb Quality Range.
  • Cosmetic Design.
  • Virtual Battery Operation.
  • Reduce noise & trace the distortion in the power supply if it occurs.
  • Rear- ported Speakers.
  • Breeze system set-up.

These unlimited sizzling features of Technics c700 adds a lot to its value and prove its worthiness.

Everyone is overwhelmed with full of joy after the relaunch or brand return of Technics c700, as it has an unended impact on hi-fi music systems.There will be two versions that are more affordable premium class Technics c700 and R1. ‘Accurate digital technology & excellent music technology’ adds as the vibrant features of audio system.

  • R1 Series comprises of three components such as

*Speaker System SB- R1

*Network Audio Control Player SU- R1

*Stereo Power AmplifierSE- R1

  • C700 series the “Premium Class” includes the components like

*Speaker System SB- C700

* Network Audio Player ST- C700

* Compact Disc Player SL- C700

Both the systems are best in offering an amplifier & speakers, network playback but CD Player is included in C700.

  • Sounds Good

The new project of Technics c7oo is leaded by MICHIKO OGAWA, a former Technics Engineer. The lovely tone of C700 music system with cymbal strikes and woody upright bass. Every sound system had their own and comfortable soundscape. The character and resonance of the instrument was very attractive and impressive.Its display is very impressive and attractive.

It’s very excellent, excited and great opportunity of having great come back of Technics c700.It creates a sense of excitement and its advanced and latest features add a lot to its value and makes it worth in every hook and corners.

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