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Why Spotify premium is a good option

For all the people that don’t know anything about Spotify, it’s actually a free app to download. Basically, you can search and play songs for free with this app but if you need to have additional features you will need to get the premium one to get full access to its features.

Seems like people that have been using Spotify wants to get a premium account. So the question is why do they download Spotify premium? The premium account can optimize your Spotify experience and with so many features that are out there what are the selling point of a premium account?

More than just the shuffle option: When you get the free one all you got to change the music is the shuffle button and that too is even limited. With the premium account, you get the other buttons and you can press them till your heart’s content. The shuffle button is there but the other buttons are more helpful.

Offline features: Offline features means you get to download the songs in the app so that you can listen to it anywhere and anytime you like even if you’re not online. But this isn’t the best part; the best part is that all the music can be downloaded. Imagine millions of songs just waiting for you to be downloaded so that you can enjoy it later on. This is perfect for hikers that go to places that are off the grid and even inside the elevator.

Sound Quality: The free version only offers standard music while the premium offers an even better listening experience. Great for people that wants to get a clearer sound and very specific with the things that they listen that a standard music quality just won’t do to make it work.

Connect feature: This helps maximize you’re listening experience by having the feature to play Spotify on your computer and make your phone or tablet serving as a remote. This gives people the flexibility by placingSpotify anywhere and share it with other people they want.

Now, these are just the features that people love about the premium option. There are still so many features that a premium Spotify has and even a breather for your battery. If you haven’t downloaded Spotify yet, download it and give it a try, try the standard first and see how you fare with it. If you think that you need more functions then switch to the premium version and see if it will work for you. With millions of songs lined up in various genres and playlists, you will surely have a handful with this app. With its great features, you will have so many things to incorporate it in your various activities all day every day. If you’re not connected to the internet or your low on juice no problem! The offline function works great wonders too!, Sound quality is great to perfect, the other buttons aside from shuffle is very helpful and it functions worked well with the volume functions of your headset, we’re not even mentioning everything and you’re already pumped up to download it. So download it now!


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