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Small Business Owners: Use These Tips to Increase Website Traffic from Social Media

As a smart and savvy business owner today, you need to be sure that you are taking full advantage of everything that social media marketing has to offer.

We live in a super competitive business environment. Your competition is going to be closing in on all sides, ready, willing, and eager to do EVERYTHING they can to steal customers and market share from you unless you’re smart and savvy about fighting back.

Leveraging web traffic from social media is a powerful way to improve your business’s chances. Make use of the tips and tricks we include below and you’ll be able to really rock and roll when it comes to social media, web traffic generation, and boosting your business’s bottom line!

Build web platforms that generate traffic

The biggest mistake you can make as a small business owner is creating ANY kind of content or web platform that isn’t built around generating traffic or something that can be used as an asset going forward in a variety of different ways.

Your website needs to dovetail nicely with your social media accounts and vice versa, and everything you do online needs to foster and feed traffic generation opportunities. Don’t create anything that’s “static” – that’s the kind of online content that kills more businesses than it helps.

Take advantage of paid promotion services

Organic social media activity and organic search engine optimization is still critically important these days, but you are only going to see almost overnight and instant results when it comes to web traffic when you pay for promotion and advertising.

You don’t necessarily have to shove your entire marketing budget online just yet, but you are going to want to stop trying to find the next “big thing” when it comes to organic marketing on the web, wasting months or even years of time without any significant results, when you could have paid for promotion and gotten results – and sales – instantly.

Build social media marketing funnel that turns strangers into customers

Your social media accounts individually need to be linked to one another, but not in a haphazard or lazy way, but instead in a strategic and focused way.

Each of your accounts bleed right into the other, pushing those that join your Twitter, for example, to join and follow you on Facebook and Instagram as well (and vice versa). This kind of strategic social media effort is going to give you a tremendous amount of activity on social media, but it’s also going to grow your influence and your affinity.

Both of these things are going to come up huge when you’re looking to convert social media activity and web traffic into paying customers.

Expand beyond the “traditional” social media platforms

At the end of the day, you have to realize that you are going to be going up against some pretty significant competition if you stick to the major social media platforms and only the major social media platforms when you get started.

Look for new opportunities, smaller networks, and other platforms that you can connect with. These kinds of efforts will pay off significantly and you’ll face a lot less competition in the process. Use as many different social media platforms – big and small – as you can to generate traffic and you can’t go wrong!

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