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SEO Tips for New Websites

SEO Tips for New Websites

Launch a new business and you’ll be launching a new website with it. The two work hand in hand as the business makes you money based in part on the performance of your website. Launching a new enterprise is challenging enough, doing so while crafting a new website is usually too much to do alone. Tapping the skills of the experts is critical here and the following are among the top SEO tips they share for all new websites.


1. Choose your tools. Webmaster tools are an essential ingredient to website success. You have several at your disposal and most will cost you nothing to install. Start off with Google Analytics, a useful tool to gauge your web traffic. Follow that with Google’s webmaster tools to track links to and from your site as well as other webmaster essentials. At this point you’ll need to upload a stemma and create a robots.txt file. Your SEO pro will guide you here explains LocalSEOCompanies.com.

2. Identify your keywords. Every business has keywords that are associated with it. Likely, you know many of them, but leave nothing to chance here. This means making use of Google’s Keyword Planner to identify variants of your key words. You’ll be changing this moving forward, but starting off with a strong selection of keywords is important.

3. Optimize your website. Your SEO expert will go over with you the finer tools related to optimizing your website. This means creating a clean and understandable navigation bar, making use of headers and sub headers, linking to other pages on your site, using photos with captions and alt tags, and handling all the other little responsibilities that come with developing a great website.

4. Develop or acquire excellent content. Content is king. Or so “they” say. Well, content is important and updating your website regularly with it will most certainly help your site perform at its best. You may have neither the time nor the talent to write, therefore it is important that this task be handed off to someone who can. Get this right — you can’t afford to settle for anything less to the best when it comes to your website and stellar content.

5. Link out and invite links in. Mostly everyone understands the importance of linking out to other websites. They’ve heard how it builds credibility and authority, but they’re also aware that such links need to be done with care. Again, your SEO expert can help you here. Further, your expert will also work on the fine art of gaining links to your site. He’ll need to be careful as you only want to invite links from reputable sites and most certainly you don’t want to violate search engine policies and buy them.

Moving it Forward

The five tips shared here are just the foundation of creating, launching and managing a website. The process will be repeated regularly and the work is never quite done.

Your SEO expert will help monitor your site’s progress, suggest changes and institute campaigns that can help raise your site’s visibility. You’ll soon discover the importance of including new content, updating old content, linking between pages, and welcoming links from experts and other influencers.

At some point you will see a strong connection between your business and your website as customers remark how they learned about your business and what you offer to them. That learning comes from a website that loads fast, is easy to navigate and is peppered with useful resources and contact information. When you arrive at that understanding, you’ll see the importance of maintaining and advancing your website.

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