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SEO mistakes: What you’re doing wrong in 2015

SEO mistakes: What you’re doing wrong in 2015

Even if you understand the importance of SEO you might be making little mistakes unknowingly. These little mistakes could dramatically impact your rankings and make it even harder for you to achieve your SEO goals. Luckily for you, we’ve shared some of the top SEO mistakes for 2015 and what you can do to fix them.


Small SEO mistakes can cost your business it’s rankings in search engines.

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Using duplicate content

You may not be stealing content from other websites but if you have more than one site and are using the same content, you could be penalised by Google. The best way to avoid duplicate content issues is to indicate your preferred URL to Google using canonical URLs. Alternatively, you can set up 301 redirects from the duplicate page to the original source of content.

Failing to speed up your website

You might not think it matters how fast or slow your website loads but trust us, it does! If your site takes ages to load, it will increase your bounce rate, which can negatively impact your search rankings.

There are a number of different ways you can speed up your website such as using caching plugins and removing unused plugins and themes. Test your website using the Pingdom speed tool and then test it again after you have optimised your site to see if the changes have made a different to your page loading times.


Don’t forget to optimise your title tags, image alt tags and descriptions.

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Not optimising title tags, images and descriptions

It’s all very well using keywords naturally in your content but you are missing a big trick by forgetting to use them in your title tags, images and descriptions too. These are important places to use your keywords as they tell Google what your post or image features and what it should rank for.

Next time you are creating a new blog post or page; don’t forget to spend a little time making sure your keywords are where they should be. If you use WordPress, you may want to consider using the Yoast SEO plugin, as it provides a checklist style feature that tells you where you need to include your primary keyword.

Forgetting to post content consistently

If you want your content to have a positive impact on your search rankings, you need to post consistently. If you only update your website or blog with content once in a blue moon, Google’s spiders won’t be crawling it very often.

Stand the best chance of having your rankings increased sooner by updating your website or blog with fresh, interesting and unique content on a regular basis.

Not having a responsive website

If you’ve not got a responsive website or plans to develop one in 2015, then you’re making a big mistake. On April 21st, Google is launching a new mobile search algorithm that elevates the rankings of mobile-friendly and responsive websites. This means, if your site isn’t responsive but your competitors’ site is, they’ll be able to get one up on you in the search rankings.

Maintain your competitive edge in 2015 by investing in a responsive web design. Not only will it benefit you in terms of SEO but it’ll also help you to win the loyalty of mobile customers and increase your rankings.

Working with the wrong SEO Company

Of course, if your SEO strategy doesn’t seem to be providing the desired results, it could be the fault of your SEO Company. If they’re behind the times, unable to meet your needs or simply failing to hold up their end of the bargain, it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

There are plenty of fantastic SEO companies out there ready to fight for your business. It’s just about taking the time to find the right one for your company.

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