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Samsung Galaxy S9 to break all records

Samsung Galaxy S9 to break all records

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the hardware of the decade. Firstly, they are better optimized for the software from Samsung smartphone and allow working for 10% longer in standard use mode. Secondly, they work better with the latest generation of wireless data transmission, allowing taking up to 600 Mbit / s. Story will continue with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Model Exynos 8890, which is installed in the Galaxy S8, performed on 14-nm technology and has 8 cores. Responsible for the graphics coprocessor MALI T880 MP12, which, according to the manufacturer, is 80% more power efficient while having higher energy efficiency. Now we can say with certainty that the graphic component is no longer a weak point Exynos processor. Failure to support the memory card in the previous models displeased, because this feature has always been one of the key competitive advantage in the form of Apple. But shouldn’t happen in Galaxy S9.

At the same time buyers are not only dissatisfied with the loss of an important function, but also difficulties with the acquisition devices with the desired amount of memory. Return to the expandable memory solves the problem, and an ability to quickly connect an external storage medium is a huge advantage for the Galaxy S9.

The users will be available to Galaxy S9 model with 256 GB of your memory. The owners of the new device will be able to use memory cards of up to 200 GB It is worth noting this innovation is the possibility to use one slot or 2nd sim-card or a microSD memory card. Traditionally, the smartphone has received the most modern data transmission protocols, including the NFC, which allows for quick payment using Samsung Pay service. In addition, a modern processor will provide an opportunity to take advantage of the LTE communication technologies 9 Cat.

RAM manufacturing technology has remained the same in the new smartphones are used are the same chips based on 20-nm technology. This allows for limiting mobile data rates of 3.2 Gb / s. Compared to its predecessor; the memory has been increased; now it is 4 GB. For Galaxy S9 the amount of RAM will be at least 6GB.

One of the arguments in favor of abandoning MicroSD-connectors in previous versions become too fast work RAM, which could lead to a variety of errors in the data exchange. To resolve this problem in the Galaxy S9 developed a special algorithm, reserving a certain amount of memory as a buffer, which is used for temporary storage of the captured photos and video, and data applications running. This significantly reduces the actual amount of RAM, but allows it to operate correctly and ensure full use of memory cards of any size.

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