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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With Enough Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: With Enough Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is passing through so many controversies and on the top is microSD slot is present or not and another one is regarding the battery, would the battery be removable or Samsung would follow the design of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the Note 5.

As we said, Note 5 could have the same battery scheme as of S6 Edge but the capacity would be of course more. The battery installed in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the volume is smaller than even the Samsung Galaxy S5 – its capacity is 2600 mAh. However, the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S6 even less, although only slightly – 2550 mAh. We should not forget about the cost of screens Super AMOLED – it is usually on top. However, energy-saving features of the new Exynos System on chip, we are to assess the right degree could not. The fact that the machine is turned on time, totally inadequate for any long-term tests, so you would have to limit gaming, loading the CPU and graphics to the fullest. And still it gives the satisfactory performance but not much.Thus, in the mode of 3D-gaming smartphone worked for a little less than four hours, that is, the level of battery life of his average on indicator. At higher loads, by the way, there is a fairly strong heating of the rear wall of the housing.

In Galaxy S6 Edge, it seems that the company Samsung has finally managed to produce an absolute flagship. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge combines a lot – here design, and performance, and serious “lite” embedded software, and, finally, the noble materials of the body instead of plastic overexposed. Battery life is at an acceptable level. Among the “chips” characteristic of modern high-end devices, the smartphone has almost everything, including infrared, barometer, fingerprint sensor and so forth. Some may reproach the lack of dust and water, however, as practice shows, the circle of admirers this “chips” is so narrow that even lost against the background of a vanishing audience of buyers premium gadgets. And another premium device to enter in the Samsung’s list is of course Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Alas, for all we have to pay, and in the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will have to pay the money. The company is afraid to reduce the price at the money, however very soon the price would be dropped, as Note 5 would come. As mentioned the machine Galaxy S6 Edge is interesting, but it is in uncompromising, and the premium segment, if we discard from consideration iPhones, the competitors had virtually not – probably should be called first and foremost as the recently announced HTC M9, and from oldies – Meizu MX4 Pro (but it is already behind in performance). The rest of the top-end smartphones have either a diagonal improper or inadequate performance, or other body materials. However, Note 5 would come and ruler over every single smartphone.

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