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The Right Information with Salehoo Now

The Right Information with Salehoo Now

SaleHoo is an online wholesale market that has more than 8,000 manufacturers and wholesalers looking for retail businesses to buy their products. SaleHoo says all of their 8,000 wholesalers are legitimate and have good margins when selling on sites like eBay. SaleHoo is a site that we have personal experience with, as we used it in my own eBay business. So before you ask is salehoo a scam? Read the below information.

Thanks to my personal experience, SaleHoo is not a scam, and there are many advantages with only a few disadvantages to their service. Unlike some other sites that we have come across, SaleHoo screens their providers a lot more strictly. This is of great help as with many other wholesale sites, we concluded that there are thousands of companies looking to scam you by taking your money and running (we unfortunately dealt with a couple from them before moving on to SaleHoo.)Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages for the SaleHoo service.


A huge amount of suppliers – out of 8,000 vendors are on SaleHoo, and continues to grow. Preselected providers 8,000 these vendors are selected and reviewed, greatly reducing the amount of malicious “vendors” listed. Cheap merchandise – because of the competition between all these providers, many items are much lower than what you can sell for on eBay, and it does not take a rocket scientist to know that that is more profit for you. SaleHoo is definitely worth the annual investment. Because one of them, wewere able to bring back the cost of using their products in an active forum of day or 2. The forum has thousands of members. Some of them are required to have used the provider you are considering from. This is useful for determining the quality of the supplier.


Some products are not cheap – some of the products, we concluded, are even higher prices than on eBay. However, we think most people are smart enough to compare prices before buying. Membership is not free – although the price of the SaleHoo is well worth it, some people do not like to pay anything, for this reason alone, the cost is a disadvantage. Believe me, even if it’s really not that much, you’ll make more money after signing.

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