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Retail Stores to benefit from Kiosks in the near future

Retail Stores to benefit from Kiosks in the near future

People are getting more and more used to automated shopping experience. A recently conducted survey shows that over 61 percent of shoppers now look for Kiosks or vending machines in retail outlets rather than asking a store boy for whereabouts of a product. The number is going to increase In future as we all know because of the technology and fast pacing life around us. Kiosks have sure helped us keep a better track of our everyday lifestyle and some innovative kiosks like the ATMs have reduced the cash withdrawal time to minimum. With the growing use of automated machines retail outlets are also fancying kiosks as they attract a lot of customers and provide a god ROI.

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Functions and designs available in kiosks for retailers

Companies like Olea Kiosk designers are working hard to bring innovative design concepts that can attract both the retailer and customer to look into the machine at least once. A typical research shows that people tend to go more in stores that have automated machines as they give the vibe of ‘high-tech and classy store’. With many designs surfacing the market for a last few years you now have a variety of functions that a kiosk can perform.

You can get a machine that meets your store’s general requirements; if you have a big store and people keep asking you for product locations you can put up a Kiosk with a panel that allows customers to search the location of any particular product. If you have a small outlet and you just sell a categorized product you can very well set up something like a vending machine. If you want to go with the trend, registration kiosks and interactive voice featured kiosks are more common these days.

Registration based and Voice enabled Kiosks

If you have a big customer base you can set up a kiosk near your door that allows customer to register with your outlet and gain cashback or points with every purchase, this is very beneficial as the customer has the ease of putting up his details on a machine and he can get a variety of offers from your side. Directional Kiosks with voice command are also featuring in outlets, these machines take in voice command and the output is provided by AVR too. There are many designs for these types of Kiosks and you can try Olea Kiosk designersif you want to get a custom design.

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