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Removing the headphone jack from iPhone 9 will turn out to be an intelligent move

Removing the headphone jack from iPhone 9 will turn out to be an intelligent move

Apple ruthlessly removed the 3.5mm audio jack, which had become an inherent part of any mass phone. From now complete headphones have a Lightning-connector. The box, however, there is an adapter for mini-jack (unprecedented generosity!), So suddenly outdated accessories can still be used if necessary. At least as long as the adapter will not break. Eventually, however, we have to live with for a long time suggests the transition from analogue to digital output. Sure, in a few years no one will remember about the existence of a 3.5mm connector, as it has been with diskettes and disk drives. By the way, place mini-jack now takes slightly overgrown motor Haptic Engine, as well as barometric cap, line the inside and the atmospheric pressure in the enclosure for the normal operation of the altimeter.

Almost imperceptibly changed design of the volume control buttons. Previously, they were in a small recess, hollow, and now just protrude from the body. If we consider the phones quite meticulously, you can change the font of note in the inscriptions on the back panel. Also note that in addition to sulfur, gold and pink colorings added matte and glossy black. First added option is made of brushed aluminum and the second nine-exposed to the process of anodizing and polishing. Both new colors look impressive, although the gloss scratch so unnaturally quickly that Apple even considered necessary to separately inform potential buyers. Judging from the appearance, it does not say, but the iPhone 9 Plus and finally got protection IP67. This specification provides a complete dust protection and guarantees availability of devices with short-term immersion in water to a depth of one meter. The manufacturer, however, has decided to err and appeals mainly to protect against splashes. If your smartphone fails due to ingress of water, the warranty is still better not to count on. To protect the devices from moisture penetration, the display module is now glued to the body denser glue. Connector Lightning, a button to switch between the audio profiles and tray cards Nano SIM protected by rubber gaskets. One of the main innovations of the iPhone 9 and 7 Plus is the rejection of a mechanical button “Home”. Simulate the response from pressing is intended modified linear vibration is Haptic Engine. Response Force can be selected in the settings, defined with one of the three proposed options.

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