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Rapid Growth in the Technology of the Iphone

Rapid Growth in the Technology of the Iphone

The technology in the iPhone changes for the better year after year.

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3D Touch

The use of 3D Touch makes it easy to do more with iPhones.  This new technology of 3D Touch is just as simple as pressing your display.

  • Perceives an array of pressure up to a microscopic degree
  • Able to sense a change in gravity as the user holdstheir phone

New technology and did anyone know this?

A9 Chip

The A9 chip brings more in the efficiency and performance to iPhone 6s. This brings a faster experience and a better one. The A9 chip is able to help gaming graphics to the phone making apps and evergames richer and more immersive.   Another new technology!


The A9 chip is the3rd-generation chip with 64-bit architecture. It is the:

  • Cutting edge of mobile chips
  • Improves overall CPU performance by up to 70 percent
  • Boosting graphics performance by up to a 90 percent

New tech cameras in phones

This makes the iPhone on the market with the new technology of dual-lens can bring:

  • Various levels of zoom in the lens
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Ability to use depth analysis to make post-processing better

LG’s handsets already are on the market with a 2-lens camera which is in the G5 smartphone, so there isexperience with this optics. But, Apple will boost the hardware into its own software andmake for aremarkabletechnology when 7 Plus comes on the market.

Much more than a phone

There are now phones on the market that actually can replace your computer or laptop.  This is where the technology of iPhone has taken us.  Everything has evolved to the point in the tiny phone where you can do almost anything you want to do with them.  Gone are the days when a cell phone was used only for text messaging and making phone calls.

Tech niche

The only problem is as the technology grows so grows the fact that when something goes wrong, the normal user does not have a clue what the problem or error is caused by; much less know how to fix it.

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