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What is a Perimeter Protection System?

What is a Perimeter Protection System?

A perimeter protection system is a collection of measures, devices, infrastructure, and technologies that guard or protect the outer walls of a particular property, be it a residential home, a business establishment, or a government facility.

Man has always been known to be protective of his family and property. The family is often considered a very private social group that no one outside the family has the right to interfere with its affairs. One way to make sure that this is preserved is by installing a perimeter security system which, contrary to what many believe, does not always have to entail high tech gadgetry. The ordinary fence to one’s home can already be considered as a form of perimeter security. It tells other people to stay off the property. It also keeps stray animals from encroaching into the backyards, lawns, and gardens of homes. For many individuals, the fence is their primary defense against intruders. Of course, nowadays this is often not enough.

Perimeter Protection System

In the ancient times, Romans were known to build fortifications in hostile lands. These were composed of very high and thick walls that cannot be easily torn down. Watchtowers are strategically placed in certain locations around the walls of the fort. Other barriers are also placed surrounding the fort itself. Moats were developed as a barrier between the fort and the surrounding landscape and the only access to the fortification was through a drawbridge that was also heavily guarded and protected by thick steel-reinforced wooden gates. If this is not enough, beyond the moat are rows upon rows of sharp stakes planted firmly and diagonally outwards. Some would also use barricades of some sorts. Why did the Romans do these? To keep out intruders, that’s why. And this is one of the earliest forms of perimeter protection.

Today, there are no more moats nor barriers nor watchtowers and drawbridges. However, the principles are essentially the same. What has changed over the millennia is the way in which perimeter security is carried out and the devices or technologies employed to carry these out.

Perimeter security is now best defined by perimeter intrusion detection systems. It is a sad fact that one can never really prevent unwanted entry especially to the individual who is really determined to gain access to one’s property. However, this does not mean that you cannot be alerted to the presence of a possible intruder. For example, your fence may still be scaled by an intruder. But, with the help of an infrared-emitting perimeter intrusion detection system, you can now be alerted to the presence of the intruder. This means you can now alert the proper authorities or even sound an alarm to scare the intruder away, letting them know that you are aware of their presence.

Of course, this is just an example of how perimeter security works today. Perimeter fences still provide the first defense to intrusion. However, it is often wise to enhance the overall security of your property by integrating more innovative perimeter protection systems.

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