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Outsourcing Your SEO Services without Breaking the Bank

Outsourcing Your SEO Services without Breaking the Bank

Outsourcing SEO can be very expensive. But there are ways you can outsource Search Engine Optimization without breaking the bank. Most businesses think that hiring SEO experts are very expensive, but that’s not entirely true. Remember that everything you spend on search engine optimization should be considered as an investment, and every investment is subject to Return on Investments (ROI). Hiring the wrong SEO company can give you unnecessary risk, financially. Not just that, if you don’t have a clear vision for your company, you might risk the chance of your company going bankrupt. You have to think for a long-term plan if you want your business to succeed. Trust is everything, if you trust the wrong person or company to outsource your SEO, that’s a recipe for failure.

Don’t just find the best, find the most reliable.

The success of your business’ SEO campaign solely relies on the person or company you are outsourcing your business. If you want your campaign to be successful, hire not only the best, but also the most reliable. If you hire the wrong people, you will just be spending your money on a campaign with failed results. Not only that, if the people responsible for your campaign use methods or techniques that are prohibited, you will risk the possibility of having your company penalized. Don’t just look for an outsourcing company that offers the cheapest service. Usually, people who offer packages and gives you promises of first-page ranking are frauds. Don’t fall for those sweet talk, instead, ask for their portfolio are sample works. Ask for a detailed plan on how they can improve your search engine marketing.

Don’t go over your budget

Everyone who engages in Search Engine Optimization has a predetermined budget. You have to remember that cheap SEO is not good, and good SEO is not cheap. If you want a good result, you are going to spend a little money, but don’t go over your budget. Search Engine Optimization will take months or even years to see good results. If you don’t want to go bankrupt before you can get your Return of Investment don’t spend money that you don’t have. Prepare for the worst, make sure your budget can cover at least 6 months of SEO. Minimize your spending. Get the best deal out of the outsourcing company, but make sure they are reliable. For example, you have $1000 budget, instead of paying $200 for 5 months, pay $100 for 10 months. That way you can make sure that you have enough time to see if the outsourcing company can meet your expectations.

Think outside the box

Search Engine Optimization is not that simple, also it is not that complicated. Most people think that outsourcing your Search Engine Optimization campaign is giving away your internet presence. That’s not true. SEO is just a part of internet marketing. There are other parts of internet marketing that can help your campaign, from back-end to the front-end of the website. The people working on your SEO tasks should be capable of managing internet marketing tasks like Social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC. They should know how to use these methods effectively and know how to connect them with each other and take advantage of it. These technologies can help your company grow to new heights. Good SEO can give you a good return on investment.

Set a goal that can be measured

Before you pay or before contract signing, make sure that you and the company you outsourced your campaign is on the same page regarding Search Engine Optimization. Make sure all the tasks can be monitored and measured at the end of the day. It is your only assurance that the outsourcing company is not wasting your money and they are doing what they are supposed to do. They have to make all the necessary reports of everything they did, the page rank of your websites, how much traffic the website is getting, how many social media followers they get from the moment they started working, etc. Always set a goal that can be measured. The good news is, SEO and internet marketing, in general, is measurable. So measuring a target is not a problem.

Make sure to be on the same page regarding the action plan

Search Engine Optimization campaigns span at least 6 months. This is not a short-term process. So to make sure that the outsourcing company is doing their jobs, you have to set milestones and targets. Everything should be set steps by steps. What task to do this week, what to expect after every month, etc.

Always monitor

Monitoring the progress of your campaign is very important in SEO. Paying money for a project that is a failure is not healthy. Always make sure that you get what you paid for. Monitoring will get you on top of everything. The best way to monitor your outsourcing company is to use task monitoring apps like Time Doctor. Tell them to report everything important like hours used, the progress of the task, problems in the task etc.

Click here if you want to know more about time tracking software.

Make time to learn some skills

Most Search Engine Optimization tasks need experts, but there are tasks that even you can do with a little amount of training. As what I have said, SEO is not easy, but it is also not complicated. There are tutorial videos and SEO articles available on the internet for you to use as training materials. If you are on a tight budget, it is one way to save some money. Instead of paying someone to do simple tasks, you can train yourself to do these tasks. You can spend the money you save to pay for experts that do specialized tasks. You can also do Social Media marketing. I think this is the easiest among internet marketing tasks since almost everyone knows how to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Email marketing is a little bit complicated. So leave that to the experts.

The best way to address issues in SEO is to talk with the outsourcing company what you have in mind. What you want to achieve, what steps are needed to achieve the tasks, what is the training needed for the job, how much you will be paying them and can they meet all your goals? These questions can help you decide if the outsourcing company you are hiring is the best fit for your SEO campaign.

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