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Make Use of Unique Features of the Special Keyboard Layout

Make Use of Unique Features of the Special Keyboard Layout

It is known that no individual is without the smartphone which is been the part of the current world. People love to send short messages and update their events in whatsapp and Facebook which requires a keyboard that enables them to type the text in a fast manner, as well as support additional features, makes them enjoy the messaging.

This led to the development of a smart keyboard that enables fun experience in typing the text along with the reduction of time in entering the text. The existing keyboard is using the normal dictionary mode to retrieving the words that are typed already in the mobile but whereas a cutting-edge technology is introduced in finding the relative words is implemented to type speedily.

Features that boost the typing speed

Previously the keyboards are made of n-gram language model which speculates only restricted number of keywords whereas Touchpal keyboard implements Neural Language Model (NLM) which finds many words by comprehending the semantic relationship among the words. People used a keyboard which contains alphabets in one layout and numbers in another layout. This makes the individuals time-consuming in typing the numbers which require choosing a different layout.

In this keyboard, the users are permitted to place numbers in a row at the top of the QWERTY keyboard. This also allows the user with a feature of either it can be displayed or it can be hidden. This design also allows the keyboard to be resized which enables the user to perform multitasking. When the window is resized it can also be placed anywhere in the screen.

People love to insert emojis and stickers to the message to make it attractive. Touchpal comprises more than 1000 emojis which makes fun in typing the text. It also possesses a unique feature that booms the text which can be done by typing the text which creates GIF animations. The user can also create their own animations for the text they type.

It also offers a variety of keyboard themes as the user may be bored with the normal keyboard layout. Now they can choose a number of themes which are existed in the library and they can choose each one as a daily theme. The keywords are typed to fetch the smiley that matches the word typed in the box.

Experience the top benefits of keyboard assistant

It also enables the user to make of the dictionary to be selected by the individual such that the words are correctly retrieved from the library. Touchpal offers the single screen selection for themes, animation, colors and other features in the same window. It offers a speed retrieval of words using the cutting edge technologies which integrate exceptional features that is unique and is highly preferred by most of the users.

Thus the user can set the same layout as that of the Google which finds no difference of their layout to be viewed. These features make the most of the customers to attract to the keyboard and install on their mobile phones.

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