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Is Lumitact G700 Flashlight Really Military Grade?

Is Lumitact G700 Flashlight Really Military Grade?

If you are a flashlight fanatic or a fan of military equipment then you have probably heard about Lumitact G700 flashlight. A lot of website and the official representation of the G700 have been presenting this flashlight as the ultimate military grade weapon but is it really military?  Real military flashlights are those flashlights who were used in open combat or in military operations but that doesn’t necessary mean that other flashlight which weren’t used by the military can’t be military flashlights.

In order for a flashlight to fall into the military equipment category it has to fulfill certain conditions. There are a lot of flashlights on the open market that claim to be military but not all of them fulfill the conditions so that they can be to be classified as military. The conditions that a military flashlight should have are: larger lumen power of 500 lumen, long lasting battery longevity of more than 48 hours, durable material that can last in harsh conditions and to be equipped with the latest hardware technology.

On the open market there are only several flashlights that qualify to be military flashlights and I am happy to say that the Lumitact G700 flashlight is one of those flashlight that qualify to be military flashlights. You can read more about this study on flashllightpedia.com

What makes the G700 a military flashlight

As I mentioned before in order for a flashlight to be classified as a military flashlight, the flashlight has to fulfill certain conditions. The Lumitact G700 fulfills more than the conditions that a military flashlights requires. Before this flashlight was released for public usage it was used by the national US army as their official flashlight. Lumitact is a very know company in the flashlight industry as the most revolutionary company that makes each flashlight model better than the previous model.

 After their turmendes success on the open market their talent was spotted by the US army and they offered Lumitact a 5 year contract. The G700 was produced in the last year of their contract and since their contract dropped this year the ultimate G700 military flashlight was finally released on the market. You can read more about the G700 flashlight on theg700flashlight.com – Lumitact G700 Tactical Led Flashlight Review – is it Really Military?

G700 specifications

With a power of 700 lumens this flashlight is also very popular under the name “brightest flashlight”. The G700 is made with an aircraft aluminum that is also used in manufacturing other military equipments. The aircraft aluminum is one of the strongest materials and it can be very durable in extremely harsh weather conditions.

G700 modes

One of the key things that made this flashlight to be classified as a military grade equipment is because of its highly powerful modes. On this flashlight you have 3 available mode that come within the flashlight: focus mode and the telescoping mode (zoom mode). The most popular mode on this flashlight is the focus mode witch within has 5 sub-modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The strobe mode is mostly used as a self-defense mode that is highly powerful and can neutralize any kind of potential danger with seconds from flashlight the light into their eyes.

The telescoping mode on this flashlight which is also known as the zoom mode allows the flashlight to have a wider reach.  The zoom mode on the G700 is  able to reach out to distances  that are 200 feet away.

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