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LEO app Lock, the best and proven app in this current android market

LEO app Lock, the best and proven app in this current android market

Yes, LEO app lock has proven its worth by being the best and safest application in this whole android market. It constitutes of major functions that make it more supreme and desirable by numerous customers across the globe. The basic purpose as why this app has generated huge popularity among its top notch customers its privacy and secrecy feature that helps in securing your phone without affecting other downloaded and installed applications of your smart phone. Moreover, without affecting other things, it boosts up your speed level and proffers great performance to all.

The very first feature of this LEO Privacy Guard review is the helpful locking option. With its installation, you can simply lock every individual app of your own choice. You can select any of your favorite application and can put an easy lock on it so that others may not surf between your apps and you can easily enjoy its secrecy. You can even secure your social sites downloaded applications, your selective games, your secret photos and much more that you don’t want to share with others. It proffers you a sense of comfort ability along with a sigh of relief when you pass on your phone in other’s hand.

You can be on a safer side as long as you hold, the Leo app lock on your phone that keeps your things confidential. The other magnificent feature of this app is APP cover. This feature not only helps in protecting your apps but also offers an app cover that entirely hides your application and other person cannot easily recognized it. It includes covers as unknown caller, finger print, error or beauty cover. Out of these 4 mentioned apps, you can choose any one out of them and can lock your favorite app along with the great cover option and more.

In the beauty cover option, you will find a zip feature, where you have an option of zipping and unlocking to reveal a beautiful lady and with unlocking of zip you can easily unlock the app. In other feature that shows error, it gives a pop up error which you need to swipe to unlock it further. The greatest feature of these app covers are the unknown callers that shows as if unknown person is calling on your phone if someone tries to open up the app. The last and interesting one is the fingerprint scanner where you have to tap thrice with your finger print to open up the app.

The other attractive features that make it more premium and supreme are its speed booster factor that proffers great performance of speed without affecting other applications in your phone. It is easy to use and simple to clean up your phone and boosts it up in seconds. The changing theme also makes it unique and differentiated which is enjoyed by every other user. This app is fun that offers secrecy and privacy along with impeccable features.

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