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Learn how to remove iCloud lock for free on any iOS device

Learn how to remove iCloud lock for free on any iOS device

If you are stuck with iCloud lock on your Apple device, then in this article we will inform you how to properly remove the Activation lock from your iOS device without having to spend a lot of money or time.

 Of course in order to succeed in successfully removing the iCloud Activation lock from any iOS device it is required that you use the special software tool which is known among the iOS society as remove iCloud Lock tool. This tool is recommended for people who have purchased their iOS devices via second hand retailers like internet markets or friends who did not provide proper iCloud login credentials.

Of course when your iOS device is iCloud locked it is possible to go to some of Apple’s stores and to ask them to Bypass the iCloud lock, but this method may turn to be very expensive. On top of that, in order for Apple to remove the iCloud lock you must bring ownership proof with you.

So it is no wonder that a lot of people simply just cannot use Apple’s services to remove the Activation lock on their iOS device.

How to remove iCloud Activation Lock

It is not complicated to remove iCloud lock, even if you cannot use Apple’s services. This is the case because the newly developed iCloud remover tool is available for free use to any iPhone owner. This amazing software tool can be downloaded thru secure and safe download link only thru our official website. Just click on the provided download links and you will get the amazing iCloud Remover software program.

The remove iCloud lock tool was developed by two hackers from Netherlands who went by the name DoulCi. After a long development period they have successfully managed to solve one of the most annoying problems that the iPhone users ever had.

The updated version of the software tool can be downloaded directly via the download links that are provided bellow on this page.

How to use?

It is very easy to use the program for iCloud Activation lock removal. After you have successfully downloaded the program from the provided links, install it on your computer and follow these instructions:

  1. Connect your iOS device and computer via USB cable connection
  2. Start the Remove iCloud Lock program
  3. Enter your iOS device details (network carrier to which it is locked, IMEI code, and device model)
  4. Add valid email address and click confirm
  5. Wait while the iCloud account is deleted
  6. Add your new iCloud ID and password
  7. Activate via ITunes by doing Update and Restore

And that’s it; you have now successfully removed the iCloud activation lock. From this point you can use the device using the new iCloud ID and password without any problems in the future.

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