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Know everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Know everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 6

There has been a lot of talk about Google merging ChromeOS with Android previously 12 months. Microsoft incorporates a unified platform now with Windows 10 and Apple initiated a policy of transferring components of iOS to OS X, the iPhone maker has flat out denied both the platforms would ever become one.

Of course, you may still find some people who would like a massive screen along with a built-in stylus. The Samsung S8 Edge does, at the least, bridge the gap to some degree, since its larger 5.5in display causes it to become a better fit for the people after a slightly bigger flagship experience, yet it’s still not quite as hand-hogging as being the 5.7in Note 5. There’s also no S Pen, this is why all eyes are trained within the upcoming Note 6 to find out if Samsung will provide you with the next-generation Note device were waiting for since that time the Note 4 was already released back in 2014. Here’s everything could about the phone thus far.

Does Samsung know something we don’t about Android N? Could the Galaxy Note 6 run Android after which, once docked while using laptop-component, ChromeOS? It’s certainly possible and it’d do a lot to explaining why Samsung desired to fit 6GB of RAM within the Note 6.

So when could we expect to understand the Note 6? Samsung traditionally releases its Note devices inside the autumn, and up to now it hasn’t provided us any official information this is likely to change for that Note 6. This is because it normally showcases its new Note handset on the IFA tech show in Berlin, even though it did hold its event in August to the Note 5’s launch not too long ago.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

And perhaps that is why Samsung wasn’t too fussed about rocking the foundations on the mobile space which consists of Galaxy S7? The LG G5 is not an anomaly; the wider space HAD to know very well what LG was as much as. Nothing is secret inside the mobile sector. Not anymore. And as up to I like the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 I do sort of want to see something completely different together with the Galaxy Note 6 specification — something left field.

Samsung may possibly also spec the hell out in the laptop element too. Things like a 4K display and also a decent keyboard and trackpad will make the device very appealing to users and, unlike Apple’s iPad Pro, actually present an all in one phone, tablet and laptop experience.

Samsung’s Note devices have traditionally shared the exact same specs because it is latest Galaxy S phone. This was certainly the case this past year, because Note 5 had the identical Exynos 7420 processor because the S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+, a similar 16-megapixel camera, and its particular screen still experienced a 2,560×1,440 resolution. It also a 3,000mAh battery the same as the S6 Edge+. That sounds pretty confident to us, but keep in mind, we’re still classing this being a rumour for the time being until we hear something more concrete from Samsung itself. Either way, expect an August launch for your Note 6.

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