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Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool

Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you get to know how difficult it is for your web pages to rank for a particular keyword on your target search engines? A keyword difficulty tool is designed to speed up the process by checking the keyword list and removing the terms that will not help you achieve top ranking. Without a tool, this task can be extremely time-consuming as you’ll have to evaluate all the keywords and the SEO campaigns of your competitors.

This tool retrieves the top ten rankings for a keyword and then assigns a keyword difficulty score for it. This ranking is done according to the pages that come in the search results. This tool takes into account the following things:

  • The number of pages that are currently ranking for a particular keyword.
  • The number of pages that are bidding in Paid Search Campaign for the keyword.
  • The volume for the term in a month and how expensive are the clicks.

Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool

How can this tool help you?

  • You can prioritize the keywords based on their difficulty.
  • You can start working on the keywords that can bring you higher rankings for your page.
  • You can save a lot of time and money by selecting the keywords that are not very hard to rank for.
  • You can adjust your strategy by checking what helps your competitors rank higher.
  • You can do niche research for your keywords.
  • You can check unlimited number of keywords for their difficulty score.


A keyword difficulty analysis tool will analyze the intensity of your competition in an instant and will give ideas to structure your SEO campaign. In simple terms, it is a tool that tells you how easy or difficult is it to rank for a particular keyword. The tool displays the results in tabular form. Following are the salient features of this tool:

  • Keyword difficulty: The maximum value of keyword difficulty is 100. It is calculated by taking an arithmetic average of the domain authority and page authority values of the analyzed URLs.
  • Position in SERP: The tool will enable you to check the current position of your page in the selected search engine results. The tool will give a result of ‘not found’ if your page is not found in the top 10 results of the search engine results page.
  • Site strength: The tool shows the distribution of the page and domain authority for your web page.
  • Content optimization: This feature of the tool gives you the optimization score that has been calculated for your analyzed

Combining the keyword difficulty tool with other SEO tools

In order to get an insight into your SEO campaign, you should use keyword difficulty tool and SEO tools together. It can help you in planning and restructuring your campaign in a better way. This way you’ll be able to find the popular keywords related to a topic. By using both types of tools, you can identify the keywords that can help you achieve a higher rank in the search engine results.

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