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Just How Unlimited is Your Internet Connection Really?

Just How Unlimited is Your Internet Connection Really?

Many internet service providers claim to offer unlimited broadband access, but the small print often contains restrictions, which can reduce the efficiency of your internet connection. This article will help you learn about those potential restrictions to you broadband usage and prepare you for choosing a broadband plan that can meet your needs.

While you may be able to use as much data as you would like with these plans, the quality of your online experience can be affected by certain restrictive policies. It is important to remember that some online activities can use much more data than others, and things like traffic management and fair use policies can really affect these activities.

If you plan on using your internet for only low data activities like browsing or emailing, then you might not feel the effects of these hidden restrictions. However, if you plan on using your internet for your next Netflix binge, you may want to keep policies like fair usage and traffic management in mind.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is a tactic many internet service providers use to control downloads during peak hours. This isn’t necessarily in place to control your data usage, but rather this helps the system work optimally for the largest number of internet users.

Since broadband providers need to manage traffic, most companies have some sort of traffic management policy in place. This helps to keep internet speeds high, improving internet performance for all.

Internet Connection

Fair Use Policies

Fair Use Policies can limit your data if you are a customer who is using a large amount of data. These policies are in place because when one use is using a large amount of bandwidth, it can start to affect others in the network.

If you go over the fair usage limit once or twice, its likely okay. However, if you go over your fair usage data month after month, you will likely be penalized. This might mean limiting your usage during peak times, charging your for your extra usage, or even terminating your contract.

Avoiding Potential Overages

Choosing the right plan internet plan can be complicated (you can head over to http://internetbundle.net/ to look for one that suits you). But there are some ways you can avoid overages ahead of time, if you make some careful considerations before choosing your plan.

Before looking at internet service providers think about how you use the internet.  Keep track of how much you download in a month. There are tools out there, which can keep track for you.

Also you should be aware of what activities count as a big download. While the average MP3 track is about 5MB, a DVD quality movie is 4GB.

So if you are downloading movies often or watching television shows, you will need to look at the fine print. If there is a fair usage policy in place, then you might want to move to a service provider that is truly unlimited.

Keep an eye out for unlimited broadband deals because prices often change. Switching to a truly unlimited plan may be an option in the future, if your current service provider has traffic management or fair usage policies in place. Whatever you choose make sure it is the best fit for you. You want to get the most out of your internet, so put some thought into what you need before you compare plans. And of course check out the fine print, to ensure there are no surprises later.

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