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Internet Security:  GUARDING OUR PRIVACY


Today, we come across data breaches, cyber attacks. The world is fighting with this tough situation be it United States of America, Russia, China etc. United States of America is trying their level best to strengthen the cyber attacks so that we could make it tougher for hackers to do their job. Over 10 billion people, today any hacker can hack at use the Internet, and anyone anytime. The world needs a secure Internet security. The Internet is considered to be a tool that provides voice to voiceless people.

Today every company be it a small or large industry has their other secure methods to secure their data. Be it an IT industry or a casino industry where people come and play online casino games, slots, slot games and has millions of money at stake. Casino is no doubt one of the biggest earning business and a platform to earn a lot. So online casinos have advanced security panels and Internet security measures to deal with kind of breach or hack. Companies like casino.com where many people play only games and slot games use advance Internet securities.

Today billions of people are using Internet; their lives are dependent on the Internet. The privacy is at stake today and we desperately needs most reliable measures to cop up with the situation. If 90% of the data was created online in last two years, you can imagine how much data would be at stake in next 5 years. The irony is the better we get with security the more hackers get the advancement with their hacking tools. The security and privacy of our data will be of more concern in next five years. The measures, which are provided, today by most security and privacy firms and companies are quite complicated with the end consumer. The measures should be such that could be easily adoptable in everyday life by end consumer.

We must make our Internet secure and security and common man or end consumer should easily understand privacy. We need to preserve the best innovation of our world till date. The security software should be user friendly and should be simple to be used by even a 7-year-old child. We hope that one day the world would be free of hackers and we will have our privacy over the Internet with secure channels.

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