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Increasing Electrical Equipment Efficiency Using IR Inspection Windows

Increasing Electrical Equipment Efficiency Using IR Inspection Windows

Better equipment protection and optimization involve knowing whether it is running efficiently. Determine the extent of any continuing problems through proper inspection of the components. Utilizing an infrared inspection window allows you to test all of the equipment safely.

Early Problem Detection

Scheduling regular infrared inspections of electrically operated equipment is a proven method of detecting problems and anomalies early before an actual breakdown occurs. The results will show you, in real time, how the equipment is performing and whether any adjustments are required. You can detect the slightest changes that help produce inconsistent results in your end products.

Safe Inspection Method

It is unsafe for employees to open the compartments of high-voltage electrical equipment to perform inspections. The IR inspection window reduces the risk and makes it possible to inspect any number of electrically controlled and operated assets at any time. It is made out of sturdy materials and can withstand most extreme temperatures and exposure to some types of caustic chemicals.

Thorough Range Inspection

The range of detection is 65 percent wider using the IR inspection window than with most other devices of this type. You will have a significant field of view and accurate data to store and analyze. Inspect each asset you have in this manner and store the information stored in an individual file.

Gather Complete Information

You are missing part of the picture by not having the IR inspection window to assist in complete inspections of your equipment. Gathering information from all assets is necessary to feel confident that all areas operate at maximum efficiency. It is the only way to streamline your entire operation.

Better Equipment Use Strategy Development

The ability to develop a strategy for the most efficient use of your equipment is the benefit of using an IR inspection window for equipment that cannot open for routine inspection. It puts the power of positive planning in your hands. You can control and better schedule maintenance and adjustments to all of your equipment.

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