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Increase your own visibility through social networks

Increase your own visibility through social networks

Today social networks have taken an important place in the lives of users. Among them, the individuals but also companies decided to settle their sustainable. Assuming that most of the users are workers or potential workers, it is very interesting to exploit the Internet as a new recruitment platform.

Facebook attracts nearly one billion members , nearly one billion potential candidates! This is simply the largest user base of the social web of our time. Many companies are already on the network via fan pages, and a number of them following their news. A Facebook page is very interesting to find the future leaders of tomorrow!

Thus criticize his work, or insult his employer on Facebook may irrevocably lead to dismissal, however, if the company finds out. The most famous example is the 13 members of the cabin crew of Virgin Atlantic , fired after criticizing their airline on Facebook. “Criticizing the organization that pays his salary is not acceptable,” argued the spokesman of the company.

Say how his job is boring, being active on Facebook during sick leave or stream photos or confidential information about the employer may also be grounds for dismissal. So be very careful about the comments left on his Facebook page, so to control its own visibility. In general, learn to better restrict access to certain web page if it opens the doors to your secret garden.

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Professional networks are an excellent recruitment channel, Facebook is another, YouTube becomes more and more.

Be aware that the platform most consulted video-sharing to the world is also a good way to be seen by recruiters in search of originality. Indeed, more and more people to submit their CV animated. It is also a more interactive way to sell. In addition, you can always share this video on other social networks already known and mentioned.

LinkedIn and Viadeo social networks are now the most sought after professionals. LinkedIn counts 34 million users in Europe, including 3 million in France and 4.5 million for Viadeo.

A digital CV for candidates

In defining his profile on a professional network like LinkedIn or Viadeo, it must be specific to mark its difference with the other candidates. So Indicate your degree of specialization and its options, the subject of his memory, or the missions in your various courses. In short, be specific! Have a page on a professional network is a more compared to a conventional CV: Post a CV on a professional social network provides the opportunity to update the much more responsive. One can show there interest in certain topics by joining discussion groups, and intervening regularly. The recruiter sees evidence of the real motivation for the industry in which the person wants to work. In addition, the importance of key words is obvious. You have to choose strategic keywords because they are another way to stand out in the crowd of candidates. You should know that in 2011, it was recorded 4.2 billion searches on the LinkedIn professional platform .

Job search, the candidate will be able to “benchmarker” its competition (by consulting the profiles of other professionals in the field searched), investigate about a company; identify the right people to meet in a network or even a recruiter approach to directly apply. It may also interact with peers, share interesting information, start discussions and attract recruiters on his profile!

Treat its brand for business

For a business, it is good to know what is said about her on the internet and social networks. For this, a company must treat its own e-reputation by creating and caregiver’s own digital identity with flowcharts properly maintained the tagged photos, the management of critical or denigration suffered by the company. It is important to choose the image that the company wants to convey! Professional social networks are excellent personal marketing tools that will enable you to communicate in a controlled and consistent professional identity (same picture, same title function, same keywords).

In the US, 50% of those surveyed considered against the insertion of a Klout score in the CV. Require a minimum Klout score is definitely not a good criterion. Klout, like other audience measurement sites are not reliable.

We are now indulged in social media too much that we cannot leave it.

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