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Improve Customer Service with these 4 Magento Plugins

Improve Customer Service with these 4 Magento Plugins

Every e-commerce business dreams of improving its customer service because there is no secret that in this issue no border exists. Below we propose to have a precise look at four most commonly used Magento plugins that can help you reach the goal of perfect customer service.


According to the users and developers this is one of the greatest plugins existing today that can not only answer the question – How to improve customer experience in Magento? but will also help you do this. This plugin creates a blog section on your web-site which is overflowed with information, helps guiding it and gives your customers tips about their greater engagement and encourages them to sharing.

Though people claim that having a blog on your e-commerce web-site is absolutely not the first necessity it is still a perfect way of providing extra organic traffic and it can always help you keep the customers engaged with your brand.


When people are going through online stores they are usually swayed by various product recommendations at every step of their checkout process. It means that having a special plugin that can make sensible recommendations of similar products is very beneficial in order to improve the conversion rate of your store.

You need to remember about the important fact of the e-commerce business in general: for customers it is almost impossible to ignore recommendation that appear on your web-site. Of course, when browsing, they already have something they are looking for in mind recommendation lines along their search are hugely influential in driving sales. According to experts, at Magento platform there are several plugins, such as Nosto, that can help you at this point.

Moreover, though this issue is not actually about customers, at this point you can also use advanced order number extension in Magento that will help you organize your clients information, such as orders, invoices, shipment details, credit memos, etc. In this way you will be able to faster react to the actions of your customers and it will be easier to give him or her recommendations basing on the database that you will have.



Current e-commerce basics develop every day and pretty fast so you need to know the hints to keep up and stay ‘alive’. There are several gripes that usually will make consumers go away from your web-store even faster that just a slow loading site. Exactly because of this issue such plugins as Full Page Cache are so important and so popular amongst modern stores which are operating on the Magento platform.

One of the worst things that customers cannot stand are slowly loading pages, so if you can improve this point, that will be a one of the biggest factors that will help you improve conversion on an e-commerce store. This plugin for Magento has various tactics that will help you reduce server and database load and so improve the working speed of your whole store.


Most modern e-commerce stores will stock and sell various brands. At the same time most customers today typically know what they are actually looking for when they arrive on your web-site. This is why you need to make the searching system on your web-store as customer friendly as possible to get as many clients as possible. Special Iksanika Magento plugins & extensions help making it easy for new customers to come to the store and find the required brand or item with advanced search points.

Recently implemented search plugins, such as Algolia, can help you actually capitalize everything on the search bar of your web-site in order to provide the exact results your shoppers are looking for. This issue is in fact pivotal to the success of your e-commerce store. If you have a lot of brands present on your store’s website, then such plugins will definitely make a huge difference to the users experience and so significantly increase the chances of conversion in the end.

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