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How to use the EaseUS Software to clone a drive

How to use the EaseUS Software to clone a drive

Computer has come into our life for every purpose and event. We mostly remain associated to computers for personal, professional and business purposes. However, in the due course, if there is anything important is data. It does not matter what we do the security of the data is always important. We face situations when we need to upgrade or replace an existing hard drive. However, the traditional copying process can make it very difficult from the time consumption and efficiency point of view. The new generation concept of the copying of data from one drive to another is cloning. However, cloning needs designated software tool and the EaseUS Disk Copy, as a free disk cloning software, is known for the high quality performance in this regard.

Why Cloning is better than Copying

This is one of the most important questions for all those who want to transfer or copy data of one drive to another. The prime reason is the process of work. Copying is done by the folder to folder method. However, the cloning is done by sector to sector method. This does not only enhance the speed of the copying but also makes that the quality of the copy of highest standard. It can copy the data within minutes to ensure time utilization. The two other most common problems with the disk copying are system files and the data loss. If the Operating System is reinstalled then the problems are quite common in case of copied files. However, in case of the cloning the system files work fine and the problem can be eradicated. On the other hand the cloning ensures that there is no data loss.

How to use the Disk Copy

The Disk Copy EaseUS Software is one of the best in the industry for multiple reasons. It can work with any kind of hard drives. It does not matter you have HDD or SDD it can provide highest quality in terms of cloning. There is always a backup for the disk content before the cloning software and that makes it even more secured. It is pretty much easy to use and the free version of the software can be installed after the successful download. All you have to do is to select the source drive and clone with the software. The wizard will then help you to navigate further to understand how to clone a hard drive. You can always go for the professional version of the software for enhanced features. The best part of the software tool is that you can use it with any Windows version including the latest Windows 10 for the use. The safe, fast and secured tool can solve majority of the problems for the disk copying. You can directly transfer the entire disk to ensure zero deviation of the drive. You can use the tool for keeping the backup of the drive.

You can use the software for multiple purposes. It can be your personal use of the computer and the professional use as well. You can also use it for the business purposes.

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