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How to succeed and optimize SEO WordPress?

How to succeed and optimize SEO WordPress?

Here are some keys to understanding and some techniques to properly achieve your SEO.

If you follow these guidelines you will leave on a solid base for your organic SEO.

A focus will also be provided on how the plugin “SEO by Yoast” who will accompany you to optimize your SEO.

Below is a summary of the main points that we will detail:

optimize SEO WordPress

  • Create a rich and unique article (Minimum 300 words)
  • Optimize your page title with the title tag (Limited to 70 characters.)
  • Place your keywords in your page title.
  • Optimize the description of your page with the meta description tag (Limited to 140 caractères.Cette tag appear in search results on search engines).
  • Choose an explicit URL (85 character limit)
  • Insert your keywords at the beginning of paragraph (it will show that your content is relevant and consistent.)
  • Optimize your images (image file name explicitly, Alt tag and other descriptions.)
  • Optimize your header tags (H1, H2, etc., make your article more readable by creating one or subtitles with your keywords.)
  • Insert your keywords in the box TAG (creating a cloud of keywords in front to group items on the same subject.)
  • Check the SEO of your article with the plugin “SEO by Yoast” (the tool tells you where improvements)
  • Check your positioning in Google

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