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How to Minimize Your Nighttime EMF Exposure

Those big fights with your spouse over small issues, the conflicts at office, those frustrated yell at kids, those uncontrollable feats of anxiety – has the world suddenly stopped being as beautiful as it used to be only a few years ago? Getting depressed? Feeling suicidal? Contemplating a visit to a psychiatrist? Take it easy it may only be the lack of sleep and the resulting fatigue that is expressing itself through these symptoms. While it is least likely that you are going to turn into a lunatic soon, there is no reason to take your symptoms as granted either. Insomnia is a silent killer, so it is important to find out the root cause and take it by the horns. In a digital era, we are badly exposed to electromagnetic radiation coming from a plethora of electronics, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi networks and more. This over-exposure to magnetic frequencies can take a toll on your health in various ways, especially affecting one of the most vital biological processes – your sleep. While avoiding EMF exposure outside your home may not be in your hands, you can take steps in reducing radiation right in your home. And your own private electromagnetic shielding journey should begin right at your bedroom, where you spend at least seven hours of a day. Here are a few useful tips to cut down on your nighttime EMF exposure:

Forget Your Phones for the Night

Even when switched off, cell phones continue to receive and emit signals, an issue overtly dangerous for your health.  A cordless phone is no less dangerous either. In fact, it can produce radiation as huge as a mini cell phone tower in your home. Remove these two items from your bedroom at all cost, otherwise they will play havoc with your sleeping patterns, ultimately leaving your immune system in a very bad shape.

Minimize the Use of Electrical Devices As Far As Possible

Do not place wired electrical devices near your head. For that matter, swap your electrical blanket with a traditional blanket. Never allow these three things to enter your bedroom – TV, refrigerator and stereos. As far as air conditioner is concerned, you can always opt for window ACs, where the main unit remains outside the room with only the ducts opening inside your rooms.

Be Careful Of the Lighting

Constant exposure to bright light adversely affects the functioning of the natural biological clock inside your system. Yes we know that CFLs are energy-friendly. However, since it is your sleep, which is at stake, you must get rid of them. Very few people are aware of the fact that CFLs are a good source of electromagnetic radiation, which is produced as a byproduct of its energy saving mechanism. Hopefully, incandescent bulbs will give you a better sleep.

Be Careful About Your Wi-Fi Connection

Never install a wireless router in your bedroom, as it keeps on transmitting radio frequency signals across the room, leaving your body to handle an enhanced toxic load. This affects your ability to fall asleep. Unplug your Wi-Fi router at night and make sure it is not on auto-reset, so that it does not turn on in any way, when you are sleeping.  If possible, replace your Wi-Fi connection with a wired Internet connection.

We all know how sleep is so very vital for our health and well being. Your body’s major repairing works are accomplished when you are asleep. You cannot just allow technology to play the spoilsport, so set your private electromagnetic shielding agenda today. Begin it with your bedroom.

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