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How to find the right keywords to position my site

How to find the right keywords to position my site

Intuition certain keywords can come automatically to mind when you think of your business. Note them carefully. But nothing says that the keywords that you imagine will necessarily be those who will be then used by Internet users. Sometimes we have a lot of surprises at this level post …

How to find keywords or phrases (sequence of terms) that are most appropriate for your business? Here are some interesting tracks among others:

Identify relevant keywords

Response: To identify the best keywords as part of an attempt to position your site on a search engine, it is necessary, in most cases, run in two stages:

  • Databases: There keyword database as Wordtracker that can help you identify the most attractive terms. Some search engines also offer online a ranking of the most frequently requested words in their tool.
  • Internal and external Polls: you can ask acquaintances, friends or work colleagues what are the words that come to mind searching for an activity or a product like yours on the web.
  • Keyword: Links Sponsored providers like Overture, Google and Espotting offer of emots key generators on their respective websites: type one or more words, you offer others related to your business!
  •   Using Kartoo.com: This meta search GUI ( http://www.kartoo.com ) offers related keywords (top left of the results page) when typing a keyword. Still interesting info to notch!

“Related Searches” on search engines such as Altavista (.com or .co.uk), Hotbot or Yahoo.com, the tool provides in its results pages, “Related Searches”: these are suites two or three terms containing the word originally requested. These expressions are derived from statistical databases on keywords most requested by users in the past. They also provide very specific information.


Results on search engines: type a number of key words about your activity on tools such as Google, MSN Search or Yahoo !. Look at the results provided by the directory or motor. They certainly contain words that you had not thought out.

Audit of competition (Meta keywords tags) and then, of course, nothing prevents you to go to the Meta tags of your competitors sites. But shhh, we do not say anything …;-)

Adjustment options

Thanks to the various strategies outlined above, you have identified the keywords or phrases that you find interesting? Great! But positioning is it possible on these terms? To find out, here is a small methodology that should help you:

Go to Google France ( http://www.google.fr/ ).

Type in the word (s) (s) key (s) in question.

Look at the number of results:

* Up to 20 000 pages found, not too much trouble, you devrirez achieve interesting results by optimizing your pages well (titles, meta tags, visible text, etc.), that is to say, a position in the first three results pages of the engines.

* Between 20 000 and 200 000 results, it may be hard, but with great stubbornness, some positive Results remain possible.

* More than 200,000 results, there is no miracle: it is impossible to pass a placement (excluding stroke of luck, always possible, of course;-)).

No need to try to position your site on overly general keywords (Internet, web, books, records, purchase, trade, etc.).

Also important: many users type their queries on 1-3 keywords. Useless, so try positioning on 4 or 5 keywords as a result, since the generated traffic (excluding exeception, again always possible) will be zero!

Moreover, it appears that a majority of online type their keywords in lowercase unaccented. Take this into account also in your research!

Good luck!

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