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How to find keywords?

How to find keywords?


1. First list of keywords

  •    Determine a list of specific terms of art (brainstorming).
  •    Find synonyms and analogies through thesauruses online .
  •    List the advantages and qualities of your product or service, but also think about the defects.
  •    Rely on the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
  • Analyze the telephone directories.
  • Check the press articles or other document on the subject.
  • Visit forums, blogs, social networks and extract key phrases: content generated by users allows you to acquire its language.
  • Ask for a list of keywords to your customers.
  • Study the keywords competing sites: text, title, title, alt, meta description tag and meta keywords.
  • Run queries on search engines or directories (Dmoz.org) to find related terms.
  • Think of typing or spelling mistakes (eg. Key words, word cles, Keyword, keyword) or use typos generator.
  • Consult controlled vocabularies, thesauri and sharing sites.

A search on Google Web redaction training and we suggest training web copywriting, copywriting training, web editor training, education writer, editor training. For a keyword search in English, visit Soovle.com .

  1. Related searches engines

A web search on drafting proposed as related searches: web writing training for SEO, web editor, web editor.

  1. Google Trends

This tool provides the opportunity to evaluate the interest generated by the relevant search terms. We note as well that the expression the most promising key between web writing, web redaction, editor education and training writing, is editor training. In the example below, by running a query on keywords, keywords, keyword and keyword, it is clear that it is the expression the keywords that is most used.

find keywords

To find this tool, go to Google Trends.

  1. Google Adwords

This tool gives Internet users search volume, but also indicates the extent of the keyword.

We can see for example the term web copywriting is requested as writing for the web, write about internet, web redaction training, etc. We can also see that the link is made between the expressions writing for the Web and SEO sites, optimization of websites.

To use the keyword generator, go to Google Adwords .

Finally, a tip: go back and forth between the various engines and tools to enrich the semantic expressions of your universe.

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