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How to create buyer persona to break everything?

How to create buyer persona to break everything?

Sometimes you have the impression of not knowing where to turn in your online strategy? You have supported optimizing your online presence to increase your online purchase leads, you made some steps in your strategy and taken a few tips, but you still feel that your messages fall into the ear deaf? Have you taken the time to reflect on who you talk before starting? This is the starting point of a successful strategy! It is the action of creating buyer personas and this is what ensures you attract and convert qualified leads!

Before creating your personas

Before creating any tool, it will first need to define who are the targets. Personas are a representation of the fictitious ideal customers. By collecting data on current customers and target audience, you can create a fictitious person to represent the target groups. During the development of the persona, you will assess his lives habits, behaviors, knowledge levels, education and consumption habits, to name a few factors.

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Here are some practical methods to gather the necessary information:

  1. Determine what issues are relevant to your industry. It may be helpful to divide questions into categories: Role; company; goals; challenges; preferred information sources; demographic information; shopping preferences.
  2. Interview a few key customers by phone or in person, and ask them what they like about your service and business
  3. Evaluate your contact database to identify trends in the consumption of your content or your offers
  4. When you create a form on your website, add significant data collection fields to create your personas (eg. If your personas are based on the extent of their business or number of customers, ask them to you provide this information via a pop-up window field!)
  5. Take feedback from your sales team into consideration! It is their role to take the pulse of your customers.

Best practices for creating your buyer personas

Keep the focus on the reason behind every behavior. Pay special attention to why, in addition to what.

Keep your personas fictitious but realistic! Do not describe a particular client. You want to attract more than one person, is not it?

Choose A primary persona; all your other personas will be secondary personas;

Tell the story of your persona. Do not just make a list of facts. Write a detailed representation of your persona as a human.

Create your persona

Details are important. Evaluate well your data, but realize you do not have to answer ALL questions. You will also need to research data on potential customers. Start with the answers you have and embroidery around them. A persona is constantly changing. Here are the points to be developed for each of your personas:

  • Identify questions to ask your personas
  • Determine how you ask your questions on a test, in interviews, on your website, etc.
  • Compile your data. Look for similarities in your responses.
  • Use the “5 paragraphs” method to build your first persona: Employment and demographic information; What is it like its daily; what are the challenges and difficulties; Where do they find their information; What common objections often come about your products and services.

With his tricks to create your persona, you will know specifically to whom and how your offerings address. You will know where they will dip their information and the language they use. So you can target your content to address their problems and goals. You will increase the performance of your strategy for sure!

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